*sigh* back at it again... and in need of a favor


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*sigh* back at it again... and in need of a favor

wow, its been a long time. I havn't even been to this forum in ages. Anyone around who recognizes me? My accounts usually have something like *mystik in them.

Anyways, I'm in dire need of some hardcore action :tongue: I can't make hardcore characters yet, but I was wondering if someone would be able to do me the favor of making me an account with a hc char on it and sending me the name/pass so i can log on, then log off and log onto my current account. It still works like that right?

Oh and i'm probably going to be starting a character around the time that happens so if anyone would like to join me, that would be awesome. Or even send me your accounts so i can find some friendly people again.


edit: oh and my account is now *allbran
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