Side projekt: my graily


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Side projekt: my graily

So, I have become interested in the though of owning every single item in the game :)
So therefore I'm starting my self-found grail.
Since I dont want to restart and get all my fun mp chars and my other fun chars and items deleted, I'm making a separate stash for the grail, and new characters of course.
The item transactions will be: selffound stash and characters => my other stashes and characters, but never the other way around. Hence is I would for istance find a deaths web, I will have to make a new necro using it, so I dont lose it to my other stash and necro, hence making it out of my grail.

Just though I should share it :D and I might post some updates here and so =)
I wont add myself to any grail chart yet, as I would feel embarrased to be at 0 items found :)
I will start with a blizzballer I think, have been thinking of one for a while, and after seeing DC's awsome one I was won over.


edit: I am very unsure about this flavie thingy.
I do want one of thise fancy table that ppl seem to generate trough flavie to keep a good look of my own proceedure, but I dont really know how it works, and if flavie is really what ppl use to make those charts :) help me anyone? :hide:

edit2: how would you build a untwinked blizzballer, dont give me "make a meteorb" cos I tried one and didnt like it very much.
I'm guesing
20 fire ball
20 fire bolt
How many in fire mastery?
20 blizzard
20 in some of the syrergys
now im thorn, I wont have any twinking gear to boost my cold mastery, so should I put much here or max anotehr synergy? My own mind tells me to get a decent level cm and then throw rest in a blizz or fb synergy.


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Once you have started this, you'll find our you will play the "non-selffound" less and less.

As advice I would say, keep both stashes/characters 100% seperate. Don't pass items out of your 100% SF stashes/characters. You most likely regret that later, better build a SF character for that item.

As for Flavie.

Have you tried it allready ?

This should be done once:
- Download it + the JRE from sun.
- Install both.
- Setup Flavie, so it can find atma, your character/stash files, the dat/style sheet, report name/title

And than for each time you want to have a report:
- generate ATMA files (Flavie can create these by using the atma command prompt file dump).
- generate Report



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I got flavie started up, both then I dont know how to load the atma stuff in it, or how to configure it at all really, I tried to follow the thing on youre site, but it just confused me.
I guess I will give it another shot and see if it gets any better.


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If you don't mind working with few chars (two) then do the following... Make yourself a nice pure blizz sorc, get her to NM Meph (no problem at all) and harvest as much as you can form him, then either push her to Hell Meph (Pindle afterwards) and do him for some time; or, if you don't like one element, make a blizzballer/meteorb/cl-orb. When you have enough gear (should be pretty fast with Meph) start yourself a nice blizzballer (if you want Baal) or something different. That way you'll have a great Meph/Pindle/Tunnels runner and nice amount of gear for other chars you decide to make...

Oh, and GL!

$0.02 :grin:

Edit: On blizzball skills, you're right, just 1 in FM (+skills will be enough), and if you can 17 total in CM


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zarfen said:
I got flavie started up, both then I dont know how to load the atma stuff in it, or how to configure it at all really, I tried to follow the thing on youre site, but it just confused me.
I guess I will give it another shot and see if it gets any better.
First check the atma & flavie register:

ATMA Settings:
- enter the main ATMA path (or use the search button to browse to the path)
Default that is something like: "C:\Program Files\ATMA V"
Let the other setting on their default "skip is on, 20, 0)

Flavie Settings:
- Nr of File locations: This depends how many different directories you have for d2s/d2x files. (it will search all sub-directories)

So if you have something like this you can do with 1 file location:
c:\games\Diablo II\save
c:\games\Diablo II\save\stash
c:\games\Diablo II\save\stash\sets

But if you have something like this you will need 2 file locations:
c:\games\Diablo II\save
C:\Program Files\ATMA V\ATMA_CONFIG\sets

- report name: The name of the html page to create
- itemlist name: leave it empty, it's for creating itemlist for things like dupecheck
- Title of Report: The html titel. (So the explorer/firefox can display it)

Data file: Click Search and select "standard.dat"
Styles file: Click Search and select "standard.css"

Count: click want you want "counted" in the report. Some people like to see if it's in a stash or on a character. Or go for an ethereal grail. Here is where you can set this.

If you enter the correct path in the "Files" register all files appear on the left side. For example "c:\games\Diablo II\save".

Move the characters / stashes to the right. All left are out of the report, all right are in the report.

This is the "one-time" setup. Click the save button so you won't have to do this again.

After that click the "Generate ATMA buttons" (make sure atma is not running at the same time) and after that the "Generate Report" button.



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ok thanks randall, I'll try it when I get time/need to :D
And I might make a pure blizzer first, thanks for suggestion.