Sickening Question


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Sickening Question

I feel sick mentioning this, but I have finaly decided to lower my self-esteam and join the pitiful mass of the boring stand-hammer tactics of the petiful class of hammerdin. At this moment he is around the lvl of 20 getting ready to enter the humble cow level and I can't decide his soul purpose. I wan't him regardless to be able to MF for me (as being I have two characters on this realm now). I want him to be able to do a hell CS on his own for the nice diablo drops, but all the while packing mf for the other areas the they can do. So my questions are: 1) Where are the areas that Hammerdins MF at other then Hell CS? 2)What gear should I have to realistlicly pull of a solo hell CS run? 3) What gear should I have for the other key areas that our provided?

Any help would be appriciated.
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All you need to be able to solo a hell cs run is max resists or at least max fire and lightning and high cold// poison (90 fire resist is preffered) Max block, and 50 fhr. + skills are very nice but you will be able to survive just as well w/o, you just wont be able to kill as fast. But whats 2-3k damage when your already dealing around 8k hammerz



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hm.. hammerdins dont really do well in mf in classic imo but here goes:

1. CS is really the best place to mf but you can try hell meph as well.

2. I would suggest a 3 socket shield socketed w/ 3 pdiamonds for resists. Go for as close to perfect nagels as you can. Without any sojs or fcr rings, you will want to have lots of blue pots. Chancies are also good, but i would still hold onto the magefists for decent fcr. Try to find a mf amy as well.


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hammerdins are a verry versatile subclass but they are kinda boring after awhile.
you will want to hit the 75FCR break point so I suggest you get shard magefist and either a 10%fcr rare ring with resists or a prismatic ammy with 10-20 FCR.
the FCR breakpoints are 9 18 30 48 75 125. 125 is only 1 frame faster and kinda pointless. 75 is a must IMHO. other than that make sure you get a point in redemption at lvl 30 and max hammers first then vigor (when vigor reaches around 15-20 you should have enough mana and life to be able to hammer without redemption and should start using concentration).
then alternate points in concentration and blessed aim. for resists try to get a goldskin and a 3pdiamond tower sheild till you can find a rare +2 pala skill prismatic sheild. also when you get holy shield you dont need to worry about the block rate of youre shei;d, so if the godly shield you find is a rare small shield it can still block well. as far as mfing goes the oonly drawback of a hammerdin over a sorc is the lack of teleport. he can kill all monsters except one monster group in act3 which is immune to hammers. but you probably wont have to deal with them. if you get around 100 mf or more then nm andy and meph will drop some nice stuff and travincal can be a good place to find rares.



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Murrogh said:
Hammeradins can be good for goldfind/mf in travincal because of open space.
i think u mean the council right ? usually 2 come walking out, and the others stay in the little building they have, at least with me thats always the case :D , and thats very annoying to kill :mad: well gl anyways


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with a din you could enter a full-ish hell game and hit treehead, boneash, fireeye, travincal and then cs in under 10 minutes. all easy to find places, no teleporting required...


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I did Meph pretty quickly, just charged there, killed, easy.

And yes, standing still and casting hammers is pretty boring, but you HAVE to make it fun! I would charge around monsters, casting fields like it was PvP. It actually helps train your reflexes.