Sick luck


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Sick luck

Half year ago i remember myself NM mefing for hours for something usefull like ik gloves or boots.But yesterday with my hc untwinked barb i found unique mesh armor(shafstop 212ed), and 5 mins ago i found guardian angel.
Maby 1.10 HC drops is better than SC???
ANd this is my question.My barb is concentrate (70lvl) now id dont know wich armor should i use guardian angel or shafstop, i'm planing of moving into hell so wich one of these should suit me better.
My rezist is max at nm so i think shafstop for 30%dr?any advice? :)


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I don't agree with Rizzo. Concentrate barbarian is rarely hit physically, he needs more magic protection. So I vote for GA. Shaftstop will do nice on your merc:)
Anyway, you can try both armors...

EDIT: If your resists will not be above 75, then use Shaftstop.


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I get better eq drops in HC but better rune drops in SC. Personally I'd rather have the runes, eq you'll pretty much always eventually get.


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salvo said:
me to, i believe HC drops is better than sc. a myth :)
Definitely a myth. I'd wear Shaftstop, unless I could get my resists all the way up which isn't easy without any resists on the armor.