should I remake this barb?


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should I remake this barb?

level 89 barb (bvc)
stats: (Base)
47 str
40 dex
446 vit
base energy

13 leap (enough to reach level 21 or higher w/ setups)
20 bo
20 ww
20 axe mastery
10 iron skin
4 shout
2 increased speed
3 nat resist

Leveling is a very painful process for me, ive bought gear and made a chant sorc solely to speed the it up.

However, looking at this barb i see alot of wasted stat points. I dont really use widowmaker(dex) much and someone pointed it out it was a crutch anyways. Also, i dont need fortitude(str) vs smiter because i can beat or tie even the 5k hp ones with massive unperms.

As for skill points i put into TEN! into iron skin and 4 in shout.

Would it be worth it to just make a new barb for 37 stat points and about 10 skill points?


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I'd do it, just because it would drive me crazy in the long run. Depends on how anal you are about things :)



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I agree. I would remake it because I suffer from a certain degree of OCD. Especially when I look at my barb and see how each stat point isn't allocated correctly and skills aren't exactly where i want them. I once at a level 94 fc bear that somehow got one energy point in him, so i deleted him.

Thats just the way I am.


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I've got a mate that has remade his pally 4 times in the last 3 days. Each time he got it to lvl 90 and was unpleased.

Just out of curiousity, what made you put 10 points in iron skin, its one of those 1 point wonders ;p