Should I install a 14 day trial of WoW?


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Should I install a 14 day trial of WoW?

I've found a CD with a free 14 day trial of WoW. I've never played it and I'm looking for something that will keep me going for a while. I've not played D2 for months now and all my characters have expired. I'm after an alterative D2 like fix.

Will WoW ruin my life and most likely my marriage? If there is another way, what would make a good alternative? I've got bored of Oblivion although the Titan Quest demo seemed ok.

Any suggestions from the good folk here?


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Stay with D2 or get a game without a monthly fee, I've been playing WoW for the past year and a bit and I'm coming back to D2, why?

1. WoW costs money, it's not a lot I guess but when you pay for a gym membership, do you feel obligated to "get your money's worth"? You'll end up playing it just as much as you did D2, if not more.

2. If you want to be the best, or even close to the best, you'll play a TON, D2 you can be level 70+ in a night, you can start doing hell and pretty much do what you want (besides the ubers). In WoW if you want to be the best, you have to get to 60 (1 month at least, more if you've never played it at all) and then you "must" get in a raiding guild/group. Which can be VERY hard if you aren't a desirable class. You know how in D2 every char is viable to solo? Not so in WoW. Every instance you need 1-tank, 1-healer, 3-DPS/crowd-control classes. There are a TON of people that pick DPS classes already in WoW because really, it's more fun. When you beat bosses and you get basically a BotD for your warrior it's pretty sweet, you go out and you can own both other players and monsters alike. But unless you already put in a ton of effort to get pre-raid gear (about the same amount of time it would take to find an ethereal piece of gear for every slot, then have each piece socketed and inserted with a HR or unique/uber jewel) you won't get into a guild as a warrior/DPS. Instead you'll realize that about mid-40's, re-roll a healer (priest/druid) and get in a guild easy. Then after you raid on your healer (like I did, 60 druid, full resto) you burn out, outside your raid healing role (which is very boring, imagine 40 life-bubbles and your job is to click+drag a potion to the life bubble that needs more, that's seriously what healing is like) you'll be extremely weak, both against other players, and against monsters.

3. PvP, you like playing HC? The constant intensity level, the occasional mild-heart-attack when you get hostiled or duel/fight someone? You'll never experience this in WoW. In WoW, you die and there's ZERO consequences for that, it's like softcore... Only with capture the flag mixed in... No real ''PvPer'' would pick WoW as a game to play.

4. Rock-paper-scissors PvP, it's not bad enough that PvP has no meaning in WoW, it also is stacked against certain classes. Sure you can beat anyone probably more than half the time if you're a ''good gamer'' simply because the other people are terrible, but if you pit yourself against someone with half a brain you'll find you can't kill certain classes with other classes. Think of a sorceress (mage) all she does is cast damage spells basically, now think of a class that can remove your ES (purge), do a move so your next spell is nullified (grounding totem), has ANOTHER move that can instantly interrupt another spell AND damage you (earth shock), and then can do another 1 second move to increase his resistances to your magic (resist totem) as well as heal himself when you get hit. A decent mage vs decent shaman is NEVER a fair fight, but then a decent mage vs a warrior is also an unfair fight (properly played the warrior will be locked up for about 30 seconds unable to even get a single hit in).

5. Time, you were worried about how much it will take? Well once you spend the time to even get to 60 and in a raid guild, how would you like to log in every night at a set time to raid? If you're in a serious raid guild (and most are) you will have a minimum of 4-6 days a week where you MUST be on, you MUST be prepared to raid (i.e. MFing for hours on your off-time so you're at your peak) and then you'll have to enjoy FAILING to kill a boss (baal) after 3 hours of clearing to said boss (baal). Every night. For weeks-months.

6. The people... Just go look at the WoW forums if you want an idea of what the community is like, on D2 there's two kinds of groups, there's the normal people that enjoy playing and chat it up once in a while, then there's the TPPKers. Sure some cross inbetween the groups, but you can picture the TPPKing kid sometimes, screaming I GOTZ J00 NEWB at the screen, right? WoW has a lot of these, and you get to hear him say it via the magic of ventrilo. With PvP being meaningless, you'd never know it from the way some of these kids flip out after one death (even though they respawn in under 30 seconds). Just look at their forums, the ''trolls'' are rampant, and if you play the game, you join Looking-For-Group, you'll find them talking about random BS there as well (Chuck Norris *shudder*).

7. Grinding, you're used to baal runs, you can do MF runs, but why? You can do it because there's a chance of something great right? WoW has tons of grinding that's pointless, 1-60 you'll be replacing gear you get every 3-5 levels, and gathering?! UGH, soooooooooo boring. Don't get me wrong, the crafting idea is great, but when there's already other people that can make the exact same thing why would you make it? For yourself? The time it takes to gather the mats you could have progressed a couple levels and got a better item off a boss. What would you say if I said you couldn't get meph drops unless you cleared Durance level 1 through 3 40 times? That's the kind of reputation grinds WoW has, you have to do ZG, where you get rep for each kill until you can get the reward. Or timbermaw, just some random race in the world, you kill and kill and kill for one equipment slot trinket. It's not all optional either, if you want to go to Naxx (the highest level dungeon right now) you have to get your AD rep up. Know how? By killing undead, over and over and over.

There's seriously a TON of things wrong with the game, and the community is by far the worst for an MMORPG I've ever encountered. All the things they're putting in the expac are basically things LOD already has anyway.

D2 classic to LOD - WoW to TBC
Sockets - Sockets
Runewords - Gems
Act5 - New area in the game + level cap increase
Equippable mercs - More body fat from grinding to 70?
Synergies - More talent points/talents
Assassin/Druid - Two new races (same classes though)

Oh and the level cap alone made me quit, with the expac coming out and it becoming 70, everything you worked for (that was never at any risk of being lost like in HC) becomes obsolete, just level 60-70 unless you were in tier 3 (which is only ''gettable'' by maybe 1% of WoW's population) and you'll have the same equipment as everyone else. They've also admitted to planning on releasing new expansions every 3-6 months, that means every 3-6 months, if you wreck your health and game consistantly you'll be on top for a little bit. Until the next expansion.

You can try it if you want, but there's simply no game that has the same kind of appeal as hardcore has, and it's a way bigger time sink. For your wife's sake, I say don't get it. You'll just end up back here anyway.


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Summary: WoW is fun, once you reach the level cap after a month and realize you MUST spend daily time on it to get near the top with other people it becomes more like work. With expansions coming out, you'll be on the same never-ending treadmill for no reason indefinetly... While paying to do so... and not getting any kind of physical benefits of a real treadmill...


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You might aswell try those 14 days, as WoW is really fun when starting out, remember that trials have a few less rights to for example the trading system and Auction Houses (at least it used to be so to prevent goldfarmers from using the free accs)

But I warn you, it's addictive! And if you want to have fun in the endgame (not that you will in 14 days) you will need be a real hardcore gamer and dismiss "less significant" tasks :wink:
I play World of Warcraft, and I really enjoy it. You meet some great people, and you will have alot of fun. I recommend a character like a Rogue, because if you make a hunter, or even a warlock you will be sitting behind your minion casting your spells or shooting the monster while ur minion fights it. I made a Rogue recently, and I'm loving it.


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Mango is burned out.

If you are a social person, resilient, goal oriented and like to play with people then you might find something good in WoW.

I play WoW at the highest level(end game raiding) 4 nights a week, minimum 4 hours mastering the new boss events. I have been with the same core of 24 for more than 18 months. We run as a 40 person group. Its fun, its challenging, its a time sink. At each level of play to advance, the character has to acquire new "stuff", better reputation in the world of Azeroth and so on. To advance in these multi player games and WoW is no different you need to rely on the skill of other players/classes. You begin to get a taste of that by playing HC.

D2 is nice, I can reach the highest levels in days, not months. I can acquire the best gear in the game in a very short time, again not possible in MMORPG. I come play D2 because is fast, I can play alone. Group play is a brief but I can get along fine without a group, not possible in WoW.

The 14 day trial limits your access to some parts of the game, it will give you a feel for the mechanics etc. WoW is easy to play and difficult to master at the highest levels.


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Thanks all.

I took the plunge and installed it (10 days trial now). So far it has been mindless kobold and wolf bashing. Pretty graphics and Level 4. Getting to grips with the interface. People seem friendly enough. Seems almost chaotic with people running around and doing their own thing. Not spent enough time on it really. I'll persevere....


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Personally I found D2 to be alot closer to Eve online. Alot of things are on your own time table. There's alot of configuration/etc...but I'm sure that goes away if you decide to powergame. I also like the fact there is a decidedly different feel than the standard sword and spell game...Though the travel is bothersome at low levels and there is a big learning curve

I like hopping on for 20 minutes, running what I want, doing what I need to solo and then save and exit, do school work...what ever. My A.D.D makes WoW VERY hard some times. I play WoW quite a bit and if the little lady didn't play it with me I doubt I'd still be playing.


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1. WoW costs money, it's not a lot I guess but when you pay for a gym membership
Less than you pay for your internet connection to play any other free online game.

2. If you want to be the best, or even close to the best, you'll play a TON, D2 you can be level 70+ in a night
You'll never be close to the best in D2 unless you play the same ton or you cheat. Sharp vitas? Chilling vitas? Shimmering vitas? You'll be good, but never the best.

Which can be VERY hard if you aren't a desirable class.
In D2 you aren't going to be invited to serious private baals unless you are:
-have bo
-are willing to port
-have conviction
-are a javazon/hammerdin/sorc/lightning trapper with 10k+ dmg

3. PvP, you like playing HC? The constant intensity level, the occasional mild-heart-attack when you get hostiled or duel/fight someone?
PvP in WoW is a joke for the most part, this is true. Once in a long while you'll have a good group against a good group, but that's rare.

4. Rock-paper-scissors PvP,
In duels. The game does not revolve around duels.

6. The people...
At least there ARE people, as opposed to the 20 still playing D2X HC. It's easy to find the good ones too.

7. Know how? By killing undead, over and over and over.
Or by, you know, paying for the attunement. It's all quite optional. Only difference between doing 800 meph runs for a shako and doing a rep grind is that with the rep grind you know when you're getting the reward, where as with meph runs you know you're getting the reward, you're just not sure when. Trust me on this one, if you're the kind of person who sits down and does 100+ meph runs in a day the rep system is pretty much the same in the end.

There's seriously a TON of things wrong with the game
Lack of player pool
The fact that there is ONLY one place to level
...oh, you were talking about WoW? Yeah, it has problems too, but they're no worse than in D2.

if you wreck your health and game consistantly you'll be on top for a little bit.
As opposed to if you wait long enough in D2 NO ONE will be on the top because EVERYONE will have 10 skillers, shako, ss, cta, etc. You complain about the expansion? Same thing happened when Naxx was released, same thing happened when AQ40 was released, same thing happened when BWL was released. The game isn't about having the best gear, it's the fact that there is actually new content added that puts it ages ahead of a game like D2.

Oh, but wait, eventually the D2 ladder will be reset and you'll be back down on the same level as everyone else! O NOEZ! The difference is you'll have to play the exact same game to get back to the top momentarily as opposed to WoW players who will get to see new things.

Don't get me wrong, I love both games, but the complete lack of attention Blizzard gives D2 has turned it's gameplay into a joke right now compared to what it once was. Like I said, WoW has problems, but D2 has more.