SHINY OFF-TOPIC THREAD: "D2X" Cast by Cerebron i


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SHINY OFF-TOPIC THREAD: "D2X" Cast by Cerebron

I'm thinking about making a movie based on the story of Diablo. Please review the cast and choose your favorite actor for Necromancer.

WARNING: This threat may be deleted because it's TOO off-topic.

Carrie-Anne Moss

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Russell Crowe


Kelly Hu

Viggo Mortensen

Liv Tyler

Ian McKellen

Your Pick



That last line qualifies this thread as a valid Necro forum thread...but just barely...;) One OT per board is per form.

This ones come up more than once, as you can imagine, but none have illustrated it so well.:)

The necro is usually the "missing link" in the bunch too. Expect to hear:
-Michael Jackson
-Chis Walken

The dude from Warlock would be a nice choice, in an obvious way, but I'd like to see some enigmatic, charismatic unknown fill the role. Or maybe Eric Banna from the Hulk...he seems pretty cool.

O ya and btw the Palidin is Black....Wesley Snipes all the way.:bow:

Ash Housewares

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OK, I'm back

-what can I say? Carrie Anne Moss would be horribly miscast IMHO, I'm no great fan of hers, I would go for someone younger for this kind of film, Fairuza Balk has been suggested for Assassin in the past and I liked that suggestion

-Arnold is too old period. I love him and all, but wouldn't work. People have suggested Vin Diesel, Russel Crowe, etc, Vin Diesel wouldn't be bad, there are a ton of lesser known actors that could also be cast if this was a bit part.

-not Wesley Snipes! Crowe isn't a bad suggestion aside from him being white :teeth: but atleast you didn't suggest Denzel, I was getting sick of that one, Fishburn gets said alot too.

-now this is going away from the body type of the character model a little, but I have to suggest Salma Hayek, just 'cuz. And thank you for not suggesting Halle Berry I was getting sick of that one too. Kelly Hu was a good suggestion on your part and I find no fault there, I just have my own preference.

-now here is where I'm always at a loss, but the Druid should be some kindly nature lovin' guy, I'm thinking Jim Caviezel

-again I depart from the character model on zons, but I like my pick
Keira Knightley, what can I say, I have a thing for her

-Walken gets thrown out there alot, Johnny Depp too, and I think even Kevin Spacey, I would go with Hugo Weaving, he looks creepy is all

as for Cain, its always either McKellan or Connery, I don't care anymore

Ash Housewares

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the only thing I ever liked Snipes in was Major League :p

plus I would like to have less famous actors so that it can be all about the wymin :love:

Mad Mantis

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Hugo Weaving, paint him white and he is our man!

Or Bob Saget. Now that is one creepy man! :scared: :scared: :scared: :scared:


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Good luck getting Ian McKellen to play Cain. I heard from another board that he is getting sick of playing "three thousand year old wizards." This was made in refrence to Peter Jackson possibly making a movie out of The Hobbit.

Other than that, it looks halfway decent, although I'd have gone for a blonde as the Zon...