Shinra X Lucielle: Journey Journal

Shinra Beelzebub

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Well, hello there!
I want to tell you a story today. You could call it a love story. A love story about raging flames, rising undead, falling heavens and hordes of demons. Wait, that's no love story!

As people surely have noticed from my other thread, I am playing with two chars at once. So well, that lovely couple consists of Lucielle Cerberus, summoning the raging flames of hell to throw them against their enemies, and Shinra Beelzebub, summoning leagions of undead to do their bidding. Together they use a kind of evil magic that leads people to believe that the three Prime Evils were the lesser problem.

Oh yeah, by the way, I switched the might mercenary for thorns. Also, please excuse if those aren't the best pictures, it's not easy playing and taking screenshots at the same time.
Difficulty is nightmare, and ey, it's also the first diablo run where not even a mercanary died. I am awesome!

Well, here are a few pics.

On the path to overthrow the king. The Magma makes Lucielle stronger and the raining fire leaves innocent bystanders without a chance to fend for themselfes.

Massacring innocent palace guardians. Well, they are pitiable. Once they face the Prince and Princess of the Apocalypse, they hace to face the burning corpses of their friends!

Ganging up on the King. And that after he just got back after being imprisoned in a foreign realm for years! Sometimes luck just isn't on your side.


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This is really awesome!

Would be funny to see some recording of action from these, from either point of view, or even both :p

But keep us posted at least, good luck!


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Funny? It would drive me nuts ... ;).

This is indeed so full of win. Looking forward to more.

Shinra Beelzebub

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"Lucielle is looking so very cute today. Wearing a cute dress, covered in the blood of her enemies. Her hair like a shining rainbow in the nightsky, illuminated by the flames of the burning city where the filthy mortals once ruled like ants."
- Shinra Beelzebub, Journey Journal Page 97, Paragraph 4

Hello there!

Another couple of days has passed, and it's time to type a few words again. There were also a few things that happened, so here we go!
--> I switched the thorns mercenary for A Bogie with the Runeword "Edge". Just doesn't die that often.
--> Finally got "Lower Resist" Curse, which is a big plus specially against bosses. Also, both skeleton mastery and raise skeleton are maxed now, so the next points go into a stronger corpse explosion.
--> With Meteor and Hyda maxed, Fireball gets the last missing points, and then fire mastery. Doesn't look too bad.

Another thing, normally I really can't stand macros, multi-boxing software, keyclone and other lowly means. Well, I don't have anything against multiboxers, but I, for myself, want to control my characters completely. it might come as a shock that I actually installed (one single) macro yesterday for the use in diablo 2. Yeah, I feel really bad. So what does it do? Well, I made it so that everytime Shinra uses the right mouse button I also get a screenshot.
...I actually had a few hundred pictures that time which I could use to upload, so there's that. It was one genius idea, and I will probably do the same for Lucielle during the next few days.

Yeah yeah, I know you would love to get a few vids too, but there aren't any for now. I am complete noobish in that regard, and I don't want to upload just some average crappy video, so I am taking my time with that. I will try to move faster than a slug, so lets say... I will try to upload a first vid in about two weeks.

Well, for now there are a few pics.

!!! This is my first time ever that I entered hell difficulty, and with that Lucielle and Shinra are my first two Champions!!! Here are the stats that they got in hell right now. (Sorry it's in german, but I am sure most people in this forum can understand the numbers anyway :p)

Those bastards!!! That leaper deffinitely had a crush on Lucielle, he was totally after her! Too bad for him, Lucielle wasn't fond of the stalking, for she already has Shinra in her heart.

Here a few more random pics from their travel! I really love Hydra, it's a more lovely skill than frozen orb.

Of course Shinra and Lucielle had to go up against the minions of the Lord of Destruction. They stood together, so there was no reason to be afraid.

At the end of the day, The Lord stood alone. it was a hard fight, but in the end he didn't stand a chance.

Well, if you ended up down here after looking over everything, and even reading the wall of text at the beginning, than I can only say Thank you very much for your time!

Shinra Beelzebub

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"I can't believe it! Lying with my face in the dirt! That... thing... With just one attack. I can't believe it. Our undead army turned back into bones, and my flames can't scortch that thing... What is that...? How is that possible...? I struggle to get on my knees, and look around, when my eyes caught his. He wasn't better off than me, but he was smiling. He was in the dirt, but not defeated. For him, I can't give up. Together, there is nothing to be afraid of. Together, we can fight on."
- Lucielle Cerberus, Journey Journal Page 32, Paragraph 6

Well, well... Hell is just a little bit rougher than I expected. Not your place to be with only the gear you found on the way...

Three legendary boggies and a couple blues wasn't exactly easy to get rid of.

Lucielle had to learn a second element after all (chain lightning) which is normally not that strong (from my experience) but against fire imunes, coupled with lower resistence-curse it's not half bad.

That I don't have much +skills at all is falling on my head now, but it was to be expected, I guess. But I got some good uniques today. Goldskin gives 35 to all resistence, and Rockstopper gives a nice boost to three resistences and even 10 % physical damage reduction. not bad at all.

Without many words this time, here are a few pics. I am busy playing around in Act 1 Hell mode, and didn't dare to go up against Andariel jet, so there's that. I will probably go on full farming mode against the countess with those two, so maybe I will open another thread for Werewolf&Trapsin (currently lvl 14?) or Stravezon&Zealot (currently level 10)

ps. I was busy getting into videomaking the last few days, and got a little shiny webcam today.

Shinra Beelzebub

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... guys I'm kinda stuck in a thought loop and need your help. Sooo... what's the problem...?

I die WAY too often. My little skellies die way too often too. My mercenaries, obviously, as well. As soon as I find a tougher package of little monsters (in hell), (especially boggies), I just kinda... drop dead. Well, that's a problem, obviously.

... So yeah, my equipment is as crappy as it can get. So where is my best option for farming... Nightmare Baal? Kind of drags things out because the maps reset everytime... soo... Nightmare Diablo then? (Towerruns for Countess on Hell I kinda out of question, I can't really get to the bottom of the tower without kissing dirt. Sigh... I really wanted those runes.)

Next problem, kinda, is my sorceress build... I do have several options for that,... (Remember, Ice is kinda out of question because it destroys all the lovely corpses)
1) Full Fire build. Meteor, Fireball, Hydra --> This is what I used till now, and it was lots of fun. All those fire imunes in hell Act 1 are kind a a pain. Still, I think after leveling and some fine gear I'm just gonna switch back to that. Immunities are annoying, but as long as there aren't too many the damage is godly, specially with corpse explosion once a fire non-immunes are dead on the ground. Also, of course, "lower resist" helps against the weaker immunities.
2) Meteor+Chain Lightning --> Would be fun, but chain lightning, without synergies, eats lots of mana and is pretty weak after all. I'd say no go.
3) Meteor+Nova --> ...I kinda... don't like it. Nova doesn't really fit in my picture. It just doesn't feel and look like... an "apocalyptic" spell, I guess...?
4) Fire Wall+Chain Lightning+Lightning --> I really wanted to stick with the mighty meteor, but if that is out of question, this build might be not that bad? How would the damage of Fire wall look against lightning immunes...?

As I said, currently I feel like just farming equip, sticking with Flames for Lucielle (+skellies&cp for necro) and will just hope that the poor girl won't have to stand around doing nothing all the time.

... Oh great, another wall of text :p Soo, what I want to know: 1) Where would be the best option for farming and which build would be the best option taking into consideration the things I have written above. And, of course, what may I have missed when thinking about my sorceress' build options.


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What specifically is killing you? Lack of bodies for skele summons, elemental resists, your current life, physical damage? I am surprised that the skeletons are just dieing in Act 1. By Hell, they are absolute tanks, and while a few might die, there's always enough corpses to revive more.

In terms of farming for gear, NM Mephisto will grant you lots of mid-tier equipment that can be used until the end of Hell for both Necro and Sorc. Would you consider just running with the Sorc (single player to keep the map) until you have items like Arm of King Leoric, Skin of the Vipermagi, among others.

I will admit that I've enjoyed what I've read in this thread, but I haven't read all of it, so am not sure about your items/skill layout. Would you mind listing your current level, stats items and skills, including resistances?

A lot may come from play-style. For the Necro, Dim Vision is an amazing skill that can take a Necro through the game without any other skills of significance. Perhaps the tactics relies too much of the Sorc damage, and not enough on out-right crowd control. Maybe a slight change in skill preferences would help out. Maybe sometimes simply teleporting past an area may help (Guardian Ariana - Pure Fireball Sorc had to teleport past almost all fire immunes, as she finished Hell by level 70.)
Just saying that it is possible; we just have to work out exactly what's giving the trouble, so give a full readout of the chars and tactics, and there will be a way around it to make things easier.


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In terms of NM Meph, which is the first real stop for most new characters/builds in gear preparation for Hell, his map layout is often very predictable. Diablo map generation is based off of pre-designed layouts, and so even if you run Mephisto in multiplayer, it can often be sped up once you understand the map designs.
After NM Mephisto, the next big stop is NM Baal for XP, and then Hell Mephisto, or Pindle/LK/AT/Andariel/Pits for specific areas/item farming.

While FIre-sorc isn't the most ideal for Meph, it should still be able to net you some good loot for your Necro and Sorc.

Just going to put these up for some ideas.
Guardian Ariana - Level 70 Rushed Fire Sorc (twinked.) While twinked, most of her gear can be obtained from NM Meph. She did rely on teleporting past Fire Immunes. Her mercenary was a low level as well, so couldn't tank for her.
Guardian Yu - The Necromancer who basically relied on Dim Vision. His build was entirely about crowd control within tournament rules. I will say that Dim Vision got him through the game, and it all came down to secure playstyle, patience and tactics.

I put those up because they are similar builds, and really relied on tactics/patience and game experience, so hopefully could offer some tips as well. There are many Mat/Pat/Guardians that may be of benefit, but again, please list your items/stats and as much info as possible, and we'll be able to help you through. :)

Shinra Beelzebub

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1) What specifically is killing me?
Archers. plain as day. Well, they DO need at least a couple champions and a legendary with "amplify damage" curse. Now that I am thinking about it a little, I think they are the only real problem... :p
My elemental resistences are quite good, and I don't think that my life is THAT low, soo... the problems probably physical damage. Fire immunes are annoying as hell, suure, but a few well placed curses and some cp normally take care of that, as long as I am not standing in the middle of a goblin camp.

2) I wouldn't really want to run with only one char, I want both of them to have relatively the same level. (+/- because there are experience shrines as well)

3) Lots of stats

Amplify Damage = 1
Dim Vision = 0
Weaken = 1
Iron Maiden = 1
Terror = 1
Confuse = 0
Life Tap = 1
Attract = 0
Decrepify = 1
Lower Resist = 1
Teeth = 1
Bone Armor = 0
Poison Dagger = 0
Corpse Explosion = 11
Bone Wall = 0
Poison Explosion = 0
Bone Spear = 0
Bone Prison = 0
Poison Nova = 0
Bone Spirit = 0
Skeleton Mastery = 20
Raise Skeleton = 20
Clay Golem = 1
Golem Mastery = 1
Raise Skeletal Mage = 11
Blood Golem = 1
Summon Resist = 1
Iron Golem = 1
Fire Golem = 0
Revive = 1

Fire Bolt = 1
Warmth (passive) = 1
Inferno = 1
Blaze = 1
Fire Ball = 20
Fire Wall = 1
Enchant = 1
Meteor = 20
Fire Mastery (passive) = 6
Hydra = 20
Charged Bolt = 0
Static Field = 1
Telekinesis = 1
Nova = 0
Lightning = 0
Chain Lightning = 0
Teleport = 1
Thunder Storm = 0
Energy Shield = 0
Lightning Mastery (passive) = 0
Ice Bolt = 0
Frozen Armor = 1
Frost Nova = 0
Ice Blast = 0
Shiver Armor = 0
Glacial Spike = 0
Blizzard = 0
Chilling Armor = 0
Frozen Orb = 0
Cold Mastery (passive) = 0

Head: Mask
Carrion mask, Mask
Defense = 21
+8 Energy
+26% Fire Resistance
+17% Cold Resistance
+25% Poison Resistance
Repair 1 Durability in +20 sec
14 (1)Socketed in Head: Ort Rune (+30 % Lightning Resistence)

Chromatic Amulet of Remedy
All Resistances +30%
Poison Length Reduced By +25%

Torso: Gothic Plate
Gothic Plate
Defense = 130
Runeword Magic
+2 To Sorceress Skill Levels
+1 To Warmth (sor)
+5% Chance to Cast Level +15 Fire Ball (sor) On Striking
+5% Chance to Cast Level +15 Blaze (sor) When Struck
Socketed in Torso: Pul Rune
Socketed in Torso: Ral Rune
Socketed in Torso: Sol Rune

Havoc finger, Ring
+5 Strength
+9 Life
+45 Attack Rating
All Resistances +8%
Replenish Life +6
+1 Mana After Each Kill

Shimmering Ring
All Resistances +7%

Ocher Girdle(H)
Defense = 10
+17% Lightning Resistance

Light Plate Boots
Havoc blazer, Light Plate Boots
One-Handed Damage: 8 to 16
Defense = 12
+27 Stamina
+10% Enhanced Defense
+39% Lightning Resistance
+30% Faster Run/Walk
Half Freeze Duration

Grim hold, Gaunlets(H)
Defense = 16
+5 Strength
+15 Dexterity
+56% Enhanced Defense
+15% Poison Resistance
Level 3 Weaken (nec) (27/27 Charges)

Jo Staff
Two-Handed Damage: 6 to 21
+11% To +11% Enhanced Damage
+2 Attack Rating
+3 To Fire Ball (sor)
+1 To Teleport (sor)
+2 To Meteor (sor)
Runeword Magic
+33% Cold Resistance
+3 To Fire Bolt (sor)
+3 To Warmth (sor)
+3 To Inferno (sor)
+3 To Fire Skills (+1, Elemental Skills) ?
+136 Defense / Level
14 Socketed in RHand: Tir Rune
14 Socketed in RHand: Ral Rune

MercTorso: Gothic Plate
Paleocene Gothic Plate
Defense = 132
+204 Defense / Level

MercHelm: Crown
Lapis Crown
Defense = 42
+20% Cold Resistance

MercRightHand: Hunter's Bow
Hunter's Bow
Two-Handed Damage: 2 to 6
Runeword Magic
+9 To All Attributes
Reduced Prices +15
+35% Increased Attack Speed
Prevent Monster Heal (+1)
+361% Damage to Demons
+280% Damage to Undead
Level +15 Thorns (pal) When Equipped
Socketed in MercRightHand: Tir Rune
Socketed in MercRightHand: Tal Rune
Socketed in MercRightHand: Amn Rune

Rockstopper Sallet
Defense = 63
+15 Vitality
+160% Enhanced Defense
Damage Reduced By +10%
+45% Fire Resistance
+38% Lightning Resistance
+26% Cold Resistance
+30% Faster Hit Recovery Rate

Chromatic Amulet
All Resistances +25%

Full Plate Mail
Goldskin Full Plate Mail
Absorbs: 2
Defense = 162
+140% Enhanced Defense
All Resistances +35%
Attacker Takes Damage of +10
+100% Extra Gold From Monsters
+2 To Light Radius

Shimmering Ring
Normal Magic
All Resistances +6%

Cobalt Ring of Warmth
Normal Magic
+22% Cold Resistance
Half Freeze Duration

Dread winding, Belt(M)
Defense = 6
+4 Strength
+16% Enhanced Defense
+10% Fire Resistance
+14% Cold Resistance
Attacker Takes Damage of +1
Repair 1 Durability in +33 sec

Sharkskin Boots
Corpse shank, Sharkskin Boots
One-Handed Damage: 28 to 50
Defense = 37
+5 Stamina
+36% Lightning Resistance
+30% Faster Run/Walk
+10% Chance to Cast Level +3 Nova (sor) When Struck

Demonhide Gloves
Venom Grip Demonhide Gloves
Defense = 36
+141% Enhanced Defense
+16 Defense
+30% Poison Resistance
+5% Maximum Poison Resistance
+45 To +45 Poison Damage Over +4 sec
+5% Life Stolen per Hit
+5% Chance of Crushing Blow

Bone Wand
Necromancer's Bone Wand of Ages
One-Handed Damage: 3 to 7
+2 To Necromancer Skill Levels

Preserved Head
Storm wing, Preserved Head
Defense = 6
Chance to Block: 23
+1 Strength
+39% Enhanced Defense
+25% Cold Resistance
+2 To +7 Poison Damage Over +3 sec
Attacker Takes Damage of +3
+1 To Poison Explosion (nec)
+2 To Bone Spear (nec)
Socketed in LHand: Perfect Diamond

MercHelm: Bone Helm
Crimson Bone Helm
Defense = 36
+10% Fire Resistance

MercTorso: Ancient Armor
Ancient Armor of Defiance
Absorbs: 5
Defense = 229
Poison Length Reduced By +75%

MercRightHand: Pike
The Tannr Gorerod Pike
Two-Handed Damage: 14 to 63
+30 Life
+100% To +100% Enhanced Damage
+60 Attack Rating
+15% Fire Resistance
+15% Maximum Fire Resistance
+23 To +54 Fire Damage
+3 To Light Radius

4) I never EVER thought that much about crowd control :confused: Well, I guess till now it just wasn't necessary. I will definitely try out how dim vision can help.


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If its archers that are the problem, then Drystan is 100% correct, Dim Vision will definitely solve that (archers can't shoot what they can't see...)

As for should do a little shopping, there are several pieces of gear that you should be able to upgrade very easily and quickly by checking out what Charsi/Fara/Jamella/Larzuk have on offer...

Dunno what your luck has been like with runes/bases, but White in a wand/Splendor in a head can be very strong and not terribly expensive...



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I think you are just underleveled
Go run NM Bloody Foothills at players 8 a few times until you hit the mid 70s.

Shinra Beelzebub

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As for should do a little shopping, there are several pieces of gear that you should be able to upgrade very easily and quickly by checking out what Charsi/Fara/Jamella/Larzuk have on offer...
I feel kinda silly now. Why didn't that even come to mind?
Dunno what your luck has been like with runes/bases, but White in a wand/Splendor in a head can be very strong and not terribly expensive...
While I do have Runes up to Io, +one Fal, my luck with bases till now was as terrible as it can get.

Well, for now it's farming whatever I want to improve. All the deaths made me quite poor (Why the hell do you lose the money from your stash when you die? baka) So I need money, gear, maybe a base or two for runewords and maybe 3-5 levels. Something like that.

I guess a thanks to all of you is in order, I already got a much better picture of in what directions I can/have to improve :D


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You can shop a Wand base in normal Act I/II
For that matter, if it's not too tedious, you could shop an Enchant staff for Leaf to buff up the army

Your merc weapons should also be a point of focus for you. The Tannr Gorerod should be uppable at this point. And look for an elite base for your Bow. In theory they should both be in all PTopaz armor/helm at this point. But I'm not sure they are killing much with their weapons.

Finally if you have imbues, a Necro head might be a good idea. You get a lot of guaranteed +skills on imbued items that spawn staffmods.

Shinra Beelzebub

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You can shop a Wand base in normal Act I/II
For that matter, if it's not too tedious, you could shop an Enchant staff for Leaf to buff up the army

Your merc weapons should also be a point of focus for you. The Tannr Gorerod should be uppable at this point. And look for an elite base for your Bow. In theory they should both be in all PTopaz armor/helm at this point. But I'm not sure they are killing much with their weapons.

Finally if you have imbues, a Necro head might be a good idea. You get a lot of guaranteed +skills on imbued items that spawn staffmods.
... ...
...I feel devestated. Like a fool... or more like an total idiot now :p

White runeword. taking a second look, that's the one thing I don't quite understand. Suure, my necro wand could be better, but... white... just doesn't seem like a good choice. My own wand gives +2 in all skills. (Skills that I need and are affected would be skeleton mastery, raise skeleton, raise skeleton mages, Clay golem, revives, Summon Resist, Corpse Explosion, Amplify Damage, Dim Vision, Lower Resist)
White runeword instead gives 3 to corpse explosion, 4 to skeleton mastery and some vitality and mana. and cast rate. plus anything that was on the staff before that. I just can't see that getting better than a staff with +2 to all necro skills.
--> wouldn't it be better to continue looking for a better staff with +2 in all skills and some extra in needed skills?

Leaf runeword. ok, I don't quite understand that either. My own leaf isn't that bad with +2 in meteor. Enchant might be fun for the extra attack rate for my mercs, but that's it. A mana cost of about 30 to up a single sceleton's attack rate doesn't really seem worth it. On the other hand, it holds for 4-5 minutes easily, so I might just try it out after all. I don't even need another leaf staff to try it, enchant was a prequisite to hydra after all.

upping the Tannr Gorerod! How did I not think of that! I obviously do have the mats, so that's the first thing that's gonna happen when I get home today.

I have been looking for a better bow base for a loooong time now, but nothing better has dropped.

I do have imbues left (and didn't know what to use them for) so I guess I have to look for necro heads as well.


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While white is more of a boner weapon, if you get the right staffmods it would be an improvement on +2 all. Curses don't really benefit that much from +skills. CE is covered by white +3 as is Skeletal Mastery +4. So if you get a 2 socket wand with +Skeleton, Mastery and CE you have a decent improvement with white. Even just +2 or 3 Raise Skeleton would be better, but you're right not a huge improvement. Arm of King Leoric is really ideal summoner weapon.

Enchant Leaf was just a suggestion as you can stick on the weapon switch. You're going fire sorc anyway, so the Mastery should be well invested. As you said you can take it for a test run and see how you like it. If it makes a difference then free +3 skills if you shop a staff.

The other bow you might consider is Harmony. If you are using Lower Resist often, then there is a good amount of elemental damage on it. And the Harmony Aura will help your posse get around faster. Maybe if you find a good 4 socket base before 3, it'd be something to think about.

Shinra Beelzebub

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Cuddled with mephisto for a bit...

...Aaand got Arm of King Leoric. Well that was fast.

Got a few other good items too, but mostly for other classes (Riphook and tiamat's rebuke, a couple low runes, a rare barbarian helmet with +2 to combat mastery tree,... ) hadn't had too much time today, sadly.

... I decided to play the two character single as well after all (at least for farming a bit). I have always been playing them as a couple till now, so I tend to forget the little tricks each one of them can use to get around. I also tend to not take good care of their equipment and build (and even less care of their mercenaries equipment)
And I don't really learn all the buttons for skill switching by heart either, since I could mostly take my time and just use the scroll wheel. (You know the feeling when you want to write with ten finger system but were still really bad at it and had to think half a second (or take a "quick look") to remember where a certain letter is? Yeah, just like that.)
--> I guess they just work so well together that it wasn't really needed to remember, but as I want (and need) to get better, playing them one at a time might not be a bad choice. Of course I will still only play them with one hand, or it would be useless.

Enchant is stupid. you can't really hit the skeletons (which are constantly on extasy) and you have no way to know which one you have hit already. Or can you see it somehow and I am just stupid. I am probably just stupid.


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All good advice so far, but a couple of things from my experience that may help as well

Both of your chars hit points seem quite low. I normally aim for close to 1000 by early Hell, which is admittedly difficult with Sorc. While I wouldn't say you need to level (I have never needed to when people always advocate gaining a few levels,) it does help with reducing your chances to be hit.
A shoppable belt (A2 NM I believe,) can have +100 life, and I also like to look out for purple shields, which could be Chromatic Shields (up to +30 resist all IIRC.) Get Larzuk to socket this, and you have a chance for a +30% Resist All shield with two open sockets for a couple of Diamonds.
I almost always went for these with tournament characters, as survival was 100% priority.
Gambled boots can also have good dual or even triple %resists, and the rings are also able to be gambled when you get the extra gold.
Gambled Amulets can result in +2 or +3 skills, 20-30% resist all, and several other great mods. Definitely worth gambling some upgrades as you get gold. Look for all heavy armours (blue as well if you're patient,) which can sell for max gold at times.

Your Hunters Bow with -vendor prices can be used to help save a bit of gold in gambling as well, so place that on your chars weapon to receive a discount.

It looks like you're over-estimating the value of defense, especially on the mercs armours. Defense is almost always a pointless stat, unless your build is niche and aiming only for max defense. Still, the more dangerous mobs either have Ignore Target Defense (Frenzytaurs,) or simply bypass it with their spell damage.
Basic PTopaz armours for the MF would be better, but any rare/unique/set with +Life, +resists, Damage reduction can help.

Your Riphook can be used on your A1 Rogue merc at times - I used a Rogue to kill the Fire Immune Ancients in Hell with the Open Wounds and Slows Target. Plus it's an upgrade anyway so should be used straight away.

As to Enchant, it's not really required. Depending how easy the multitasking is, during down times in the battles, or just while summoning Skeles, you could try enchant a few. I wouldn't stress about this at all, but if you find you have some idle time with the Sorc, it's an option - just click any at random, don't try to aim for all of them or you'll find yourself in a mini-game that'll take away all the enjoyment.

Also, Skeleton Mages aren't actually that useful. They can definitely help (cold to slow, and poison to prevent monster healing,) but they're usually there for added meatshields, slow/PMH, and then small amount of damage. By the end, with +skills, you should be able to summon enough. They aren't all that useful TBH, and IMO, the skill points are better off in Dim Vision.

Nice to see some good progress and nice finds already! NM Meph can be great when you load up on +Magic Find, so good luck with the hunting, and practicing all of the abilities with the one mouse. :) Sounds really good so far.

Shinra Beelzebub

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Time to post some progress, I guess.

First, my little archer girl got a new armor (+80 life, 4 sockets) and a helmet (3 sockets) The girl really loves shiny things, so all of my 7 shiny pTopazes are gone now.
(is it still true that the merc has to kill stuff him/herself to actually use that magic find? or did that change over the years.)

My little sorceress also got a new belt. +80 Life and +30 % cold resistence. I guess I have to say thank you to Larzuk.

I can't really believe all the stuff you can get when you farm a little.
Wormskull and Undead Crown, both ethereal. Sucks, but oh well.

What do we have that might be useful... Magefist, for once. But I don't really want to give away the 30 poison resist (from my second Venom Grip gloves)
Then we've got an amulet with +30% cold resist and +1 Soceress skills. again that would mean -30% poison, lightning and fire resist...
Might be better to get away from leaf runeword soon to equip a shield stuffed with diamonds. I would already have a small sorc wand with +2 to sorc skills +50 Mana and +40 Life. But maybe I'll wait for something better.

For now, I invested 2mio gold in amulets. While I did get a few good ones (for paladin, amazon,...) the tiny lack of +all resist mods is a letdown.