Shiftless Sundaily


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Shiftless Sundaily

Yep. It's going to be a lazy one. I can feel it. :yes:

RL: Up, coffee, interwebs, yada yada. Maybe read some, maybe stare blankly at the computer screen, idk. About 10:30/11:00, I'll start up some pork for tacos (trim fat, coat with rotel tomatoes and spices, 2 or 2.5 hours in the oven, dump in large pot, cover with water, add pan drippings, cook over medium heat 4-5 hours or until pork turns to mush: YUM!). While that's cooking, I'll sit around, maybe nap, get my XFiles on, and generally be a lazy sod. I might sweep up the crumbs from the CheezIts I ate yesterday afternoon, but only after I have CeezeIts this afternoon. Yep. A Lazy Day.

D2: (no response)

OVG: maybe some solitaire. Woo! :alright:


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Re: Shiftless Sundaily

Bro your tacos must take forever

RL: I don't think were having a soccer game today, I'll probably sit around and watch a Jackie Chan movie. I'll throw in some working out to not get fat.

D2: some small mf.

OVG: Sweep the lands tournament starts today in Tactics. Have to find another 135+ sword because elemental procs are not aloud in this tournament; mine has Tornado xD. Then gotta get my team around and break out on the trail murderating other players in other nations. Should be fun:smug:


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Re: Shiftless Sundaily

Mmmm... tacos...

RL: Gotta take care of household chores today. Mow the lawn, etc. The tacos story has inspired me, maybe I'll make a batch of my specialty... green chili burritos!

D2: If I play at all... will be questing my necro or running AT and the like for socketables.


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Re: Shiftless Sundaily

My car's having transmission problems too... you better get it looked at before you really become shiftless.

RL: Prep for a trip to SanFransico area for a couple days of dealing with doctors. Not my arm this time, but my wife's doctors. She's ok, but they want to "run some tests" which in my book is synonomous with "get you up to $3000 this year early in the fiscal year so we look good to our investors".

D2: Fourth character of seven is nearing 87... one more run through the pits and tunnels should do him. Then on to the next one, probably the zon, leveling up 85-87.


Re: Shiftless Sundaily

RL: I'm not entirely sure what is going to happen today. I might have some family come over(an uncle I have not seen in several years). Right now though, like James said, it looks like it will be a lazy day today.

D2: I started clean several days ago with a Fishy. For the past two days though, he has been parked in Act 4 Nightmare. I've gotten fairly bored with him for the moment. I may create a new character and fluctuate between the two, or pull through and finish Nightmare/Hell. For the moment... I am undecided.

OVG: Nothing really going on here. I'm thinking about playing a bit of Torchlight though. I do not care what anyone says, despite the (almost) complete lack of story, it is very fun to play. Also, the discussion in the The Graveyard is making me want to pick up Fallout 1 or 2 again.
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Re: Shiftless Sundaily

RL: Losing track of what day it is. Been playing games til 4AM and waking up and going straight to work the last few days. Chilling with a Director's Commentary and a beer before some gaming later.

D2: Maybe later.

OVG: If my friend sorts out his router problems, we'll try some L4D2 again.


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Re: Shiftless Sundaily

RL: definately a lazy day for me, just woke up (5 pm here :p ) suppose i should get some house cleaning done, dishes, vacumeing, trash etc. then maybe order some take out for dinner... i can't be bothered to cook tonight.

D2: might see about getting my druid through act 2 hell then maybe some MF runs dunno yet though.

OVG: my nephew has my xbox so not an option atm. :mad:

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Re: Shiftless Sundaily

......get my XFiles on,
Watchin' X-Files with no lights on,
We're dans la maison,
I hope the Smoking Man's in this one
</Barenaked Ladies>

I never really got into the X-Files series, but did enjoy the 1st movie.

R2: Been under the weather for 2x weeks almost, but after a visit to the urgent care center Sat. morning, I think I'm finally starting to turn the corner. In other news the dog has been walking with a limp for the past 2x days. She's gettin' up there in years so I'm hoping its just arthritis but I fear it may be something more serious. :(

D2: Finished Act II Hell with the LF Zon. Started to see some unbreakable immunes in Act II, but nothing too annoying. Even the ones who were immune, I think Charged Strike managed to kill them anyways.