Shieldless Paladin viable?


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Shieldless Paladin viable?

I want to make a paladin with a two-handed weapon. Is this at all viable? Could I take him to hell? For aura i thought i'd be original and use Defiance (this could offset my lack of blocking perhaps?) And then Vengence for attack.
Could this somewhat crazy build make it to hell? is it viable? And does anyone have any tips? I play HC btw.


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I dont think Vengeance is viable without Conviction.

Have been wondering if palas with 2h weapons was viable myself, but never asked.



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Paladins without shields would be severely handicapped. They don't have the bonuses of other classes that let them operate without a shield (in fact, some of their skills are DEPENDENT on shields). Paladins can reach high enough damages and effectiveness with 1h weapons that using a 2h wpns for increased dmg could just be a moot point.
upgraded ethereal zoded ribcracker :thumbsup:

or just a ribcracker (upgraded is GODLY)

I'm not sure how much defense you would get out of using defiance as your main aura, but you could max sacrifice, defiance, fanaticism, and then i believe cleansing is the other synergy to sacrifice and dump all spare points into zeal for quick leeching with fanat - you would have over 1000% bonus to damage without even using fanat.

Getting good attack rating would be pretty hard though (using sacrifice/defiance). You might be relying on demon limb for it. But if you aren't taking hits and you have nice faster hit recovery when you do, it might not matter if your attack rating is a little low. This is why wereform druids excel 2 handed vs. pallys - they get massive attack rating from their shapeshifting skill itself.

The other option would be to use holy freeze with either zeal or sacrifice, making it much easier to get away with going 2 handed. 2 handed doom weapons, anyone?


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I think upgraded ribcracker(quarterstaff is too weak but ethereal stalagmite isn't needed) would be one of the best 2h weapons with the crushing blow, fast speed and very nice damage along with 100% defense bonus.

Zeal or possibly charge are probably your best ways to survive without a shield, unless you want to use a two-handed weapon with blessed hammer :surprise:

Defiance is nice but then you might get killed because you lack dmg and speed from fana.
How about concentration? 20% less chance to be interrupted is nice and the radius makes it partyfriendly aswell.


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I'd say max charge/synergies/then either fanat + holy shield) and get a huge damage 2 handed weapon and hope for 1 hit kills.

Kind of like a frost charger.... I might make one eventually. Might be easier just to get a holy freeze merc then use concentration for huge damage for yourself and your merc. You'd be running around so much smacking enemies you might not be hit. But in HC, this might be a little dangerous........

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maybe its because some of the more established and rich players dont like playing cookie cutters builds anymore becuz they arent that fun?


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I've got a frost zealot that uses a kelpie snare as his main weapon. Works pretty good too, but the lack of defense does hurt. I m working on getting def charms for him that will help a bit and I think it would be a good idea to get a merc. All depends on what you want to sacrifice.