Shield or no shield for a WW barb newbie


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Shield or no shield for a WW barb newbie

hi guys, I'm starting a WW barb and i have problem with choosing the weapons.

1. Is it better to Double wield or use a shield?
2. I've seen the guide for the ww and speed guide but i couldnt figure out how it works. From you guy's experiience, which weapon u think is the best (highest dmg and fast atk speed) for ww barb?

Thank you in advance


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since you're new to ww barbs i would strongly recommend a barb based on immortal king set, for which you can find a guide in the sticky
it's quite powerful and there are no gear dilemmas

to answer your questions though:
1. shield is not needed for pvm
2. if you use two weapons, then ebotd ba/beast combo is best by far (for pvp, grief ba/beast)


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As Leohappy mentioned, the IK barbarian would be best for you as a WW barbarian newbie.

IK Barbarian Guide

I myself am playing just such a character and it is great fun. The weapon is Mace class to answer your question.


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IK only if you are dirt poor otherwise get botd+beast and the rest is the usual.

If you are asking advice about classic then get the highest damage maul you can find, ias doesn't matter.


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I would go with either a big strong/ cool looking weapon, or two equally cool-looking and effective axes/swords.