She popped out.


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She popped out.

Hey guys. Sorry I took so long to hop on here and update you on the news, been a little buggered, as you may have imagined. I'm feeling a lot better today though, I actually managed to get 8hrs sleep last night when you add up all the naps.

I ended up not having to be induced, which was fab (it was scheduled for monday 20th at 7am). However, if I were to be honest, I have to say the labour was one of the most horrible ordeals I've ever experienced. Thankfully there was a beautiful little reward at the end for me so it wasn't all bad.

I went into labour on Sunday morning and 27 hrs later Ava was born at 11:47am on Monday 20th. She weighed 7lbs 9ounces, was 52cm long and her head measured 37cm.

I'm gonna write up an account of the birth a little later so if you like ill post it on here when it's done. I've put some shots up on the net at The shot of me after the birth looks so horrid. You get that though.

This is one of my favourites:

Anyhoo i'll post that birth account later. :)


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Congrats! Glad to hear it didn't have to be induced, at least.

No need to apologise for being too tired to post... understandable... :grin:


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Hehe.. I donno who yea are but congrats on the baby!!! Now... to wait and post until D2 is working again... hehehehehe....


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Congratulations on the newest member of your family Bas. :thumbsup:

She is a cutie. Give her a hug for me ... :heart:


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Wonderful news Bass...and glad to hear you the little minnow are well.

Now back to work!!


Congratulations she is adorable. I feel so bad for you, HC's longest labor was 6 hours an she looked like that was horrible, I can't imagine what 27 hours must have been like for you *shudder*

oh and I have to say this, your husband look exactly like a guy in my college class a few years back, I know he isn't because it would mean he didn't age a day in about 6 years, but still that was cool and creepy at the same time.
CONGRATS!!!! I'm so happy things went well, been thinking about you. She is positively you didn't all ready know that ;). Take care and sleep when you can!