Sharkkyyy FT


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Sharkkyyy FT

Once again have to clear mules to get some income for my pvp chars.

bid will last 24hrs i know this sucks but i am on a different timezone so i have to make it fair for everyone else
. :thumbsup:

i have the right to reject or accept offers

Prefer mule trades as we are on different timezone. unless u can catch me online *sharkapl2

DO NOT BID AND MIA i am very serious about this

Bling Bling Section
1)10str 13 dex 38life 4 mana 7 mf ring lvl 60
2)2 min 74ar 15 str 7CR 7LR 7FR 27PR ring lvl 47
3)15ar 5LL 14str 15mana 9CR 9FR 1 Light radius ring lvl 47
4)2Nec Summon 10FCR 60life 6CR 6LR 7FR 11PR Ammy lvl 30
5)2 pala 6fcr 11CR 11LR 17FR 11PR 3DMG REDUCE Ammy lvl 89
6)1 pala 10fcr 8 str 4 energy 8% regen mana 13 res Ammy lvl 49
7) plain def aura gc
8) 12 fhr 100pd gc
9) plain SS GC
10) 2/1 seraphs
11)2wc 27str 20a cr fr lr 61 pr ammy

Untouchable Section
1)197/3LL Arreats
2)0os 12 ED Dusk 524 def
3)2pala/20fcr/101ar/26life/29cr tiara lvl 67
4)35/9 viper
3)0os 12 ED Dusk 524 def
4)0os 15 ED Great Hauberk 577 def
5)30S ETH Great Hauberk 922 Def PENDING
6) 2 jav/20ias/3 LL /22 FR/ 7pr Crusade Gaunlets lvl 57
7) 2 jav/20ias/7str/ 2dex Vambracers lvl51
8) 3 os bone visage

Charsi Section
1) Reapers 19x ed
2) 5ed 6 os pb

Jewel Section
1)39ED/8MAX lvl58
2)37ed/2 str lvl58
3)35ed lvl 58
4)14max lvl18 x2

-5 res lite / +3 or +4 lite facet
12 fhr ele gc x2
ele lifer
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Re: Sharkkyyy FT

i'll take your package for an ist, i'm assuming that's BIN?

can be online now if you are :)


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Re: Sharkkyyy FT

Heh, the only facet I've purchased was 4/4 and cost me a handful of pgems. Not trying to lowball you. Is um a fair offer, given the comparative lack of demand for fire facets, or is your reserve higher?


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Re: Sharkkyyy FT

all mule info sent out

NEW ISO AND UPDATED MY PALLY CIRCLET lol its 2 pally instead of 1