Sharkkkyyy Salessss


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Sharkkkyyy Salessss

I have been storing my items for a while so here it goes.

1) 2/3/2/5 boneshade
3) 223ed reapers

1) 12ed dusk 524def
2) 12ed dusk 524def
3) 15ed great hauberk 577def
4) 11str 2skele marrow
5) 9/26/1os andy helm
6) 35res/9mdr viper
7) 14/10 treks / 14/11 treks
8) 30/11 dungo
9) 167 jalas
10) 4os 503 def ap

1) plain def aura gc
4) 12 fhr 100pd gc
5) plain SS GC
6) 2/1 seraphs
8) angelic ammy + 1 ring
9) 2wc/27str/20all cr fr lr/61 pr ammy
10) 3 tokens


1) 2 pally/ 20fcr / 101 ar/ 26 life / 29 cr tiara
2) 1 pally/10fcr/8str/8%mana regen/13res ammy lvl 49
3) 2shadow master/1 blade of ice / 3 LS white feral claw
4) 2 jav/20ias/3 LL /22 FR/ 7pr
5) 2 jav/20ias/7str/ 2dex

MY T AND H KEYS FOR YOUR D KEYS(state ur amount, do not ask for 4 keys for 1 D key)

currency and currency and currency
(pul and up)

all bids will last 24-48 hrs depending on how hot it is, give everyone a chance:thumbup:

Items in bold i can give it to you FOC, but you have to give me a good reason

Mule trades, if ur trade rep is lower than mine sorry, u send first. sorry i started this way too
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Re: Sharkkkyyy Salessss

all offer ntoed

dbun: thats a little low...and on my part i dont take lems too... sorry forgotten to include


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Re: Sharkkkyyy Salessss

betrayal : mule info sent !
planqi : mule info sent !
elationtheory : send a mule ty !


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Re: Sharkkkyyy Salessss

all offers noted... will let it run for 24 hrs in case some one else needs it