Share your Diablo 2 Meta games!


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We all play them...Whether we know it or not...

Creative mini games about Diablo 2, while playing Diablo 2.

In it's broadest sense, grailing is an example of a meta-game since collecting every item is not really how you beat the game. The 'Septs' we see in the forums are another great example.

They come in all shapes and sizes: item or character objectives, short-term, long-term, some probably even last many years...

But I am wondering what are some of the more creative games you've come up with?

I would like to share my current favorite which I call:

TC 87 Bingo!

Only 1 rule: Try to get at least 1 base of each TC 87 item from a Unique/Champion before you get a single TC 87 unique!

All you need to play is a list of TC 87 Bases - Just put an X on your bingo card (list) when you find a non-unique. If you find a unique, you lose! (and yet win also!). Sets don't count.
Bonus: You can use your time between drops to try and master the admittedly nerdy task of memorizing the list!
Archon Staff
Berserker Axe
Bloodlord Skull
Colossus Blade
Colossus Girdle
Dimensional Shard
Dream Spirit
Giant Thresher
Glorious Axe
Guardian Crown
Hydra Bow
Legend Spike
Myrmidon Greaves
Mythical Sword
Ogre Gauntlets
Sacred Armor
Scissors Suwayyah
Thunder Maul
War Pike
Winged Harpoon
Unearthed Wand
Vortex Shield
Surprisingly hard to win. Fun for the whole (well maybe not) family! And guaranteed to keep you busy for hours. I have played a handful of times and only won once!

But seriously, this mini-game is a great side-quest!

Variations on TC 87 Bingo:

  • You can also mix it up by trying to guess which TC 87 unique you will get next (not for the impatient).
  • See how long you can avoid getting the unique version of a certain base before it drops! (My current record is 104 consecutive, non-unique Thunder Mauls!! WOW!! Followed by Ogre Gauntlets coming in at a close second with 79!)
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Owww my eyes...

Interesting concept! Check out my signature for the meta games I'm involved in (+ Murios Project).


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I really dont like the word "meta" associated with D2 because it reminds me so much of the stuff I read while playing D3. The whole meta concept is what really ruined the whole D3 experience for me. I tend to call it a "game within the game" when it comes to D2 for my well being. Carry on...sorry for the rant!!!


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I enjoy the process of gearing my chars. It's part of the game, so not really a side game, but sometimes I'll spend hours grinding meph to find that sword that will make my char more powerful.