shak's small auction of goodies


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shak's small auction of goodies

ok guys heres a small auction of small things i'm looking to get rid of. only one thing has a bin. auction closes in 48 hours, and i hold the right to not sale if i feel the offer is too low.

sockets and socketables

3os royal sheild (35 res all, 11%max dur)
scared targe (35 res all)

sup dusk shroud (8% ed, 10% max dur)
3os dusk shroud t/o Dorkey with 2 pul

sup crystal sword (15% ed)
5os sup phase blade (1 to ar) [ :( ]

Possible LLD ammy and jewel

raven beads lvl 27 (ammy)
1 to pally skills
6 dex
48 mana
cold res 13
mdr 1

storm talisman lvl 28 ( jewel)
13 enhanced damage
5 to max damage
1-34 lighting damage
21% gf

small charms
5% FHR x2
5% FHR, 1 max damage, 14 ar ( lvl 29) [RES= ist]
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Re: shak's small auction of goodies

the 3os DS is sold i'm opening the auction for another 48 hours...