Shako vs COA


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Shako vs COA

I currently have a hammer/smite/charge setup and was wondering if using a ber shako would be better than my ber ber COA. I love the 31 DR which takes me up to 39 DR with nigma. I use the following:

ber ber coa
Spirit sacred rondache (45 base res) ( still trying to get 35 fcr!!!)
397 grief PB
trangs (to be replaced by a 20 ias +dex str res gloves when I get 35 fcr on spirit)
+2 skills +30 str, +all res +mana ammy
fcr ring with str, mana, res

I have TONS of life/res/ar/def charms and 3 pcombats +life gcs.
I'll have over 4k life once I get 35 fcr on spirit and change my ammy and gloves

Should I switch to Shako?


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well u think of the benifits. if u keep the ber ber coa u will have more dr then going to a ber shako

ber shako will give u 1 more to skills and more life. if u want more than 4k life and 1 skill point more than go with shako. if u want more dr and resistance. than go with coa. its up to u. my personal opinion is DR and resistance is very important not that life isnt but u can make up the extra life else where. like in charms or crafted gloves rings or ammys. up to you


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I agree with Littlewoodenboy that extra DR% (physical resistance) is more important than life. However, I personally would choose the extra killing power offered by shako's extra plus to skills.

... unless you're hardcore :)


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if pvm, i prefer shako over CoA. if pvp, maxing the cap for DR is quite important.


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agreed with above! Pre reqs very high for COA too. but it is ultimately the best pvp helm for most melee chars.


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well right now with coa I have 3950 life and with my future setup (when I get my spirit to 35 fcr) I'll have 4050 life. I have base str so coa is not a problem to put on with my str bonuses from items.