Shadowdancers or Goreriders?


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Shadowdancers or Goreriders?

Which boot is better for kicking, the Shadowdancers or upgraded Goreriders? Shadowdancers have dexterity and shadow masteries, but goreriders have the CB and stuff. I would have used search, but most of the posts are empty. Thanks.


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I prefer shadows for my taloner.

The FHR is also nice.

The %CB, etc. on the upgraded just don't cut it for me. I'd rather have the +2 to all shadow skills, Dex, and FHR.

Julius Seizure

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When it comes to D-talon:

1 For claw/claw i go upgraded gore.

2 For claw/shield i go shadowdancers, (the dex is what puts them over the top for me, also, c/s allows your weapon to be something with more cb, ow, etc...)

3 for dtail i go shadowdancers

However, upgraded gore in any case can be just as good, if not better, depending on gear and your cb / ow %.