shadow damage build


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I want to try out some wacky (so not to serious) PvM build with Assassin. The goal is to create a Shadow (Warrior or Master) that can do decent damage in normal and nightmare with melee attacks (or kicks), possible in begin hell. Its a 2 player game, with the other character being a Summoner Druid with either Oak Sage or Heart of Wolverine.
Can Shadow Warrior or Master deal viable damage? (please note that it will mostly be poor man's equipment, so its more about skill hard points and +points to shadow discipline that is purchasable in the shops).
Which Shadow will have better katars?

I was thinking of something like this:
- Druid's Heart of Wolverine and merc's Might
- Claw Mastery (damage and crit should effect both Shadows right?)
- BoS (though it seems Shadow AI does not attack noticeable faster with this?)
- Venom (though attack speed of Shadow seems to slow, so possible not worth the points?)
- Martial arts (tiger strike strong enough? Or otherwise perhaps Claw of Thunder or Phoenix Strike?)

I am leaning towards Shadow Warrior for control, but maybe the Master has better katars.
Thanks for taking the time.


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Would not a Necromancer with Amp-damage work better? Or a Paladin with Fanatiscm or Concentration


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Hello, yeah especially amp would be better, but its already a Assassin and a Druid. Maybe I can find a Katar or other weapon that inflicts amplify damage (with Burst of Speed and Amp lvl 2 or higher it should proc enough). Since increased attack speed doesn't seem do that much (for Shadow Warrior atleast it seems, probably cause of AI limits), I quess Fanat wont be that good here. I also read that Claw Mastery doesn't impact Shadow Warrior, but if I read it correctly it does impact the Master. So I am going to try a physical dam Master or perhaps a Thunder or Cold or Phoenix Striker Warrior.
I also looked a bit into Blade Shield but it seems to be to weak (only worthwhile for leeching it seems).


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the master will do what ever she wants, the warrior you can somewhat controll what skills she has to use.

wear a Lacerator on switch and use dragon talon and blade fury to proc it?


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Does Shadow Warrior get higher tier Katar (exceptional / elite) weapons on higher level? (like Master does, or does only the item level become higher?)

Dragon talon or blade fury to proc is a good idea. I did some testing with the Warrior for fun (not so high lvl yet so this is more about begin game than end game):

Psionic hammer: she is okay with this in the beginning for some extra control against stronger targets that still can be knocked back.

BoS: doesn't seem to effect attack speed to much (maybe a little, can't say for sure, but does increase her movement speed alot).

Dragon Talon: she seems pretty decent with this in the beginning, though I see on Amazon Basin ( that Shadows dont get boots (even on higher levels) which would mean like the other kicks it will be useless lateron?

Dragon Claw: seems pretty okay, I heard Shadows use abilities more often on high Shadow & skillvl so maybe lateron she will be doing this constantly? That would be pretty decent if that is the case.

Tiger Strike: has potential if the Warrior gets Exceptional / Elite katar weapons(?).

Fist of fire / claw of thunder: seems pretty smart when to use 1 charge or when to build up charges (multiple charges for groups). So far she can actually kill best with Claws of Thunder. Its a shame that BoS doesn't impact her attack speed, otherwise she would be insanely good with this.


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Compared Warrior (lvl 4) and Master (lvl 1) damage and Master does alot more physical dam. Probably cause of Claw Mastery and perhaps better gear. Some more test results;

cobra strike: Warrior refuses to use this, probably cause it would be to good for tanking :D.

blades of ice: okay for crowd control, but Master is better at tanking anyway.

Phoenix Strike: Warrior is good with this, together with claws of thunder seems most damaging skill for her.

dragon tail & dragon flight: Warrior is ok with this, better with flight since the long cooldown is not a problem (/she is slow with decisions anyway). But since Shadows seem to not get good boots this will become useless later on.

venom: pretty good skill for shadows since they attack somewhat slow anyway, sadly to slow to always keep an enemy poisoned but at about 2/3 of the time it seems (not entirely sure about this, just a wild guess from a quick look, could also be closer to 1/2). But since Master also uses this enough its not a reason to take Warrior.

Okay so Warrior seems to be more damaging only with skills like Phoenix Strike and Firebomb and perhaps with some other traps. I am going to try and see how far a physical+venom damaging Master will stay viable. Also found a katar thar procs amp so that will help.
Probably something like this with skills:
- Claw Mas. 10-20 (max as last)
- BoS and Fade a few spare points
- Master 20
- Venom 20
and perhaps max Dragon Claw, depending on if Master will use it often. Same goes for Tiger Strike.
Fun to mass around with those shadows :D