Several Nub Questions


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Several Nub Questions

Hello. I've been playing D2 for about 2 months and still have some questions regarding some of the more basic aspects of the game. They are as follows;

1). It seems to me that the only really challenging area of the game is later Hell difficulty. I can still only barely survive in act1... I've been trying to find build that can do better solo in Hell, even later Hell. Any suggestions on what I might try? To be able to go through solo hell runs about what Defense should I have? How much damage should I be able to dish out etc?

2.) High runes...Do they drop at all, even in forge?

3.) Do the runes you get from the forge improve as you go up in level? Making it better to wait to finish your forge? Or is it dependent on the difficulty level you are in?

4.)Ubertristram....What is it? How do you get there? What is there IF I get there?

5.) Recently I got a 6 soc Ghost spear...about what is this worth?

6.) Uber-diablo...? I heard there is an event that triggers when someone sells a Soj on your server? I read some where that he appears where a unique monster is? What is a unique monster and is this clone the same big diablo wedged in the spot where the unique is?

7.) As mentioned above my only character in Hell right now is a IceOrb/chain-lit sorc that can barely survive in act 1....what sort of MF runs should I be doing to get better gear? Are there any suggestions on what paticular monsters I should do runs on to get good stuff?

8.) Clans for diablo 2: I don't see to many out there in the pub rooms? Are clans just not that big in D2 or do they tend to just quest in PW rooms?

9.) Crafted Items: I tryed to make a crafted item but was unable too...I followed the recipe correctley and everything...Is there a level requirement or something to be able to do this or did bliz just turn it off? Can you use the re-roll recipe with crafted items?

Evrae Altana

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1. Try one of the cookie-cutter builds. Hammerdin, summoner necro, meteorb, etc. They're very effective even when untwinked.

2. Gul is the highest rune that can drop from Hellforge. For higher runes, you'll have to find one, or trade for one.

3. It is not dependant on the char level. A level 1 has the same odds of getting a "good" rune as a level 99. However, difficulty does matter in determining the range of runes that can drop:
Normal: El-Amn
Nightmare: Sol-Um
Hell: Hel-Gul

4. Look in the Community stickies. There is a information guide there explaining everything you need to know. For an easy build that can handle all the Ubers, take a look in the paladin forum for kingdryland's UberTrist smiter guide. :thumbsup:

5. If it's ethereal, it might be worth something to BotD makers. Try the Trade Value forum for more answers.

6. When a certain number of SoJs are sold on a particular server, DC walks in all Hell games on that server. When you get the message "Diablo walks the Earth", the first superuniqe monster you encounter will be replaced by DC.

7. Try NM Meph for some mid level gear (Oculus, Vipermagi, Peasant Crown, etc.). Then move on to Hell Andariel when you're ready.

8. Clans are pretty big. Check out the Player Matchup forum to see if any clans are up and running.

9. Are you using these formulas on the bottom of this page?


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About crafting: often people forget that the item used must be of a specific type (if it says gloves, it means just gloves - not bracers or similar. However, the recipe will list both the exceptional and elite item version that can be used. Also, the item must be blue - just magical. Not white, not yellow,...

Also, a few recipes were removed a few patches ago. Apparently, the best ones ;)


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Best hell soloer is handsdown the hammerdin why? high defense can tele with nigma and nothing is immuned to their hammers. downside is any idiot can play a hammerdin and pretty much survive hell really doesnt require much skill some of the old school players i know wont play a hammerdin because its to easy.
also if your going by the recipes in the d2 book thats terribly way outdated only works with pgems now kind of a bummer. best things to craft are caster/blood ammys,rings,gloves,boots rest arent really worth the effort.

far as getting High runes to drop i've only had 1 hr drop and that was off the summoner it was a gul. far as i know people dont solo uber's usually a group of friends do the ones in ubertristram. however i pulled a stunt once for my friends and i soloed uber diablo down halfway with my hdin, far as doing uber izzy duriel etc a hammerdin with decent gear can do them. easiest overall uber to do is duriel least for me. i've had an ist drop from my hellforge once but i was decked out in MF gear at the time wonder if that helped any. in hell if you can tele good id say do hell meph /w the moat trick the moat trick is where u tele to him run to the waters edge make sure he's down then step back outside of his firing range. not to far back or you draw the ghouls in the corner. then when your rdy to cast on him either get his namelocked or hold shift and cast in the general direction. also if by some chance the council is in the middle part when my sorc was weak id use to remk so i wouldnt have to deal with them. you could also try doing the pits in 1 and the mausolem no guaranted good drops i usually get 1 every 3 runs. best to also MF with a few people in the room i general max room out at 5 beyond that monsters take more then 1 shot to kill for me.

you have a link to what recipes were removed by chance or know what ones were, because i craft alot.

Evrae Altana

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Hurtsyadontit said:
i've had an ist drop from my hellforge once but i was decked out in MF gear at the time wonder if that helped any.
No, MF does not have any effect on Hellforge rune drops, or rune drops anywhere for that matter.

Eilo Rytyj

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A summoner necro can solo hell pretty much naked, and has a total of zero immunes to worry about. I'd like to see a hammerdin do that. (sorry, biased against hammerdins...)

I hope you're patient though, summoners aren't the fastest killers in the world. But you can laugh at the hammerdin when he's eaten by a pack of extra fast, extra strong, cursed Frenzytaurs, while you mosey on by under the safety of Dim Vision.


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Hurtsyadontit said:
never knew wailing beasts were immune i always assumed nothng was, i'll have to mosey on down and check it out.
Wailing beasts only exist in areas of act 3 like ruined temple and forgotten reliquary (woot spelled it right...I think). They don't exist in mfing areas or quest areas except the book quest...