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Set Items Suggestion

Discussion in 'Diablo 3 General Discussion' started by tony iii, Aug 26, 2010.

  1. tony iii

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    Jul 1, 2008
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    Set Items Suggestion

    I hope character sets do make a return in diablo iii, which is still undecided by blizzard. The big problem with sets in d2 was never been able to complete them when they would be of any use for the players character. With the new artisan feature I have a suggestion that could solve this problem.

    When you find a set item from a drop, you take the item to Cain for him to examine it. Either immeditely or after some game time Cain then gives you the set item back and a scroll saying what what the base items of the remaining set items are and crafting recipes for your artisans to make them. Once you have found or traded the required base items, you then visit the appropriate artisan to find out the crafting ingredients to craft the set items. Once these have been obtained then the missing set items can be crafted to complete the item set.

    This would mean that sets could be completed pretty quickly and be used while of some use. I would also like the set items (and also uniques) to have their prefixes/affixes increase as players character levels up, so that they don't quickly become redundant. Assuming d3 items follow d2 and increase from normal to exceptional to elite, this would also enable you to re-craft the set with the higher grade base items, this could also be applied to unique items.

    To differeniate between original set items (ie those found from drops) and the equivalent crafted versions, I suggest the prefix/affix stats are fixed on original dropped items, whereas the crafted versions the prefix/affix stats can vary from being the same to lower and maybe also a prefix/affix dropped and replaced with a random one. At the most only 1 or 2 prefix/affix stats could match the original item but the rest would be lower therefore if an original missing set item is found then it would be beneficial to replace the crafted version. For the full or part set bonuses though I would keep these the same regardless if original and crafted items make up the set, as long as at least one of the set items is an original, else no set bonuses will be given. If traded to a new player character only original set items can be given to Cain to obtain the set scroll for their artisans, giving Cain a crafted set item he will give you a scroll but it will only tell you the missing base items and not include the crafting recipes.

    This means that as long as any set item drops when it can be of use to the character, it should still be possible with some effort to complete the set within an achievable timeframe and still be able to use it with that character instead of saving/muling it for a new character build.

    As sets are found I would like d3 to keep a record ie a seperate page/screen in the stash or something to log all the set items and unique items acquired with the possible achievement of having your character discovery all of them eventually and maybe gaining a new title or some other small reward.

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