Serious AR problems on my Fury/Rabies


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Serious AR problems on my Fury/Rabies

Well I got my Druid to a decent level...fury/lycan/rabies and poison creeper maxed at 80 working on oak..

My question is how much of a boost in AR do you get from having 9 SS charms? I wear angelics and can barely get over 13k AR on fury.

Would it be smarter to pump werewolf instead of oak?


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pvm or pvp?

9 ss gcs will increase your AR by leaps and bounds if you have a good Ar pool to work with.


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I have a rubbish fury/rabies dru on west lad. With just torch/anni, he has 17296 ar without any +ar gc's, shifting gc's, and only 1x angelic ring & amy.

With 9x shifting gc's, i have 21670 ar.

With hsuaras i ahve 28929.

I don't have a 2nd ring to toy with atm.

If you want to be top of the line, do remember that you can prebuff your shift, and swap out shifting grand charms with +120+ar / +hp gc's. You loose the %ar boost from fury, but since you shifted, you keep the %hp & %ar boost from ww skill.

Keep oak at lvl 1, since it will die really fast. Ww > oak in most cases.

Clay bizzle

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Yeah, you need charms. The whole WW or Oak thing is still debatable, but Oak in general is definitely more useful. When it comes to huge defense smiters, you really only have a great chance to hit them when they are running/charging so learn to use that and a 20k AR is good enough if you can pull it off well. Having one point in Raven and Wolfs helps this a lot.