Septavirate Question


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Septavirate Question

Yes, I'm pondering a Septavirate, and yes, I'm insane! The link to the Septavirate Home Page in the FAQ is broken, and my memory is fuzzy on the rules. I looked up the Septavirate tourney, are the rules the same? I will modify the rules if I think it is necessary to have fun, but would like to at least start from the "official" rules. All of the restrictions in the tourney look reasonable, although I will probably add some more of my own. (See first sentence.) :D So, does anyone have a copy of the original rules?

I'm not planning to start immediately, as I have too many characters as it is right now. I've also promised myself no new major D2 projects until Pheonix is a matriarch. However, I am starting to think about possible builds, and what rules I want to play under.



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The link I have bookmarked works so its probably the current one. I don't know if its being updated or not though, I know I haven't changed my page in ages. The rules are still there though and thats what you are looking for. Just go here. And, everyone makes at least some minor rule changes.


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Yup, as I remember off the old Sept. website the rules off the tourney listing were pretty much it. The main idea was hardcore, mostly untwinked. Of course the gems and runes exception is important for giving a chance to build some runewords.
One thing I didn't see in the tourney rules, but I remember from the original was that one item couldn't be muled on to more than one char. The idea was that if you found say, a mara's, then the char that found it could use it, and one other char could have it muled on, but not all seven chars could make use of it.
Of completed septavirate posts I've seen, most people decide on minor variations of their own to suit what they think makes the game more enjoyable to them.

Good luck!

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Oops, sorry about the broken link guys - I changed my domain name to point to a new hosting company, but I had completely forgotten about the Septa pages on the old site :eek:

I'll get those moved over to the new host ASAP so at least the link will still work. If I find the time, I might even look at updating the site so Septa hunters can update their own details :)