Sept Sept Finished & Summary


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Well, you know what assuming does, right? Expect to be smacked by an angry asian man in the near future, QD.

I actually do / did most of the quests most of the time. Especially in Hell. I also kill everything I come across. Well, except on single tree builds that I did for one reason or another. But if you check the chars, they usually didn't need to skip anything. What I don't do is full clears or sidetracking. Like, I don't clear all of the Tal Rasha's Tombs and stuff.

As far as picking up goes. I do pick up a lot of stuff. White Archon Plate dropped? Let's see if it's 510+ Defence. Gray Polearm? Let's check if it can be useful for a merc runeword. I even pick up most of the sets and uniques that drop. My spectrum of "good" is a little bigger than most people's. And in HC there's always the chance that you're gonna need some spares.

That's why, on average, it took me 8-12 hours and not 3:20 as it did with my Speedy Sorc.

Also, I twinked. Not always with incredibly OP gear, but I didn't have to stop and farm for items.

The main factor is experience, I'm sure. If you've been through the game as often as I have you know what to expect from each area and enemy. You know where Dolls are gonna spawn and you know to be a little more careful there. You also know where you don't have to be careful.


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Re: Sept Sept Finished & Summary

Amazing work mister Nightfish!

What would you suggest for a MF sorc for hell? I hate skipping content myself but... Blizzard is just sooooo goood! :D