Sept Sept Finished & Summary


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It is a painful loss for the SPF as you've always been one of the reference for anything that has been done and tried, and general D2 knowledge.

Think of all the possibilities that Diablo 3 will bring forth and enable you to try out :crazyeyes:

When it comes out anyway :yes:

Barak and Velvet are both characters from "The Mallorean" and "The Belgariad", 2 series of books from David Eddings.

Also... 8 hours playtime per Guardian is CRAZY...I'm pretty sure beating normal alone takes me twice as long.

Farewell/best of luck in watever you do next!


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Re: Sept Sept Finished & Summary

I'm with Thyiad on the 'round number' idea... Maybe 70? 10 per each class. As in 10 fingers, 10 toes... *puts on shin protectors*

Congratulations! :worship:

If someone asked me what SPF is about, I'd point them to your Guardian list. Whenever I think of a new build to do, I open Thy's website listing your guardians and read the relevant entries. This page got bookmarked, of course.

As sad as it is to see you leave, you did achieve everything you wanted to achieve in D2. Which was a lot! :congrats: Do write another guide. Even if you think there is something similar out there, your guides are simply the best ones. You explain things clearly and logically, easy to understand for beginners.

I hope you stop by from time to time!



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Re: Sept Sept Finished & Summary

Congrats on your great achievement, was a great read just now too, made me itch to try several of them (but can't yet... still too much to finish :p)

Hope you'll keep coming on these forums with your excellent advice


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Re: Sept Sept Finished & Summary

Congratulations! Extremely impressive achievement. I must say I have stolen an idea or two from a few of your threads for my own Guardians. Can't say I blame you for calling it a day, I think I'll be done if I ever get round to doing 14, never mind 49!


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Re: Sept Sept Finished & Summary

That's a huge and unique achievement. Gongratulations! :thumbup:

I remember that I used your Fishymancer guide to build mine at the beginning of my SPF time. Thanks for that and other great guides you have wrote here!

Hopefully SPF will still hear about you :)


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Re: Sept Sept Finished & Summary

Good work Nightfish. Like everyone else has said, you contributed so much to this game / forums. Thanks for that. Enjoy your retirement and hope to see you around every now and then.


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Congratulations on completing an impressive goal; making Guardian is often an achievement in itself, but doing it 51 times over - including with quite a few builds that 'break the mould' of the established cookie-cutter formulae - is something else.

Hopefully we'll still see you around - the project has been an inspiration to many, and of course there's always D3 on the horizon, so you could probably use a break in between now and then :wink:

Merlin The Wizzard

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Re: Sept Sept Finished & Summary

I laughed so hard when I read this thread. I keep on struggling to get one guardian, and here you go and make 51 of em. And take about 8-12 hours each in the process. That's about the time frame I need to get through Act 1 and 2 :)

- Sadly enough, the fact that any build is viable was for me conclusively answered not so much by you, but by whatshisname? Dave something who made that Anya girl, a naked zon with a valkyrie who finished hell on p8. And by almost every tournament guardian alive :p

- Barak and Ulath are both names from David Eddings books. Barak is the Huge red bearded Cherek warrior who transforms into a bear whenever Garion was in danger, and Ulath was an associate of Sparhawk, and had a penchant of braining people with his axe, and conversing with trolls. He's my favorite character in the sparhawk saga though :)

- Perhaps you could write some guides that use your experience with this game?

- In full accordance with what seems to be your designated bon mot, have fun with whatever you do. Make sure to use the same alias though, so that we can track you down no the net and be overawed by your next set of awesome performances :)


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Re: Sept Sept Finished & Summary

Nightfish, that is an amazing achievement, and I have enjoyed reading all the pat & mat threads over the three years I have been on the forums. It's sad to see you go, but I completely understand that the game can have little left for you. This is truly the end of an era.

So long NF, I hope that you will drop in on us every now and again. Thanks for all the build advice over the last few years.


BTW, are we going to get a full write up for nos 50 & 51?


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I can't think of anything more to add that hasn't already been

Amazing, really - and huge congrats on completing your goal! Must feel bitter-sweet for you, too, not only for us! Don't be a stranger, k?

Good luck for whatever you have planned in RL and/or VR! :thumbup:


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Re: Sept Sept Finished & Summary

Dashy - Conc
Max conc, shout, BO and just smack stuff. Named after some nub.
P.S.: The first person that suggests I redo this completely untwinked and single pass is going to be tracked down and kicked in the shins until I get bored. And be warned, I played the same game for 5 years, I don't get bored quickly.

You can make 8 more chars, all naked.

And a punching enchantress.


Also, tl;dr



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Re: Sept Sept Finished & Summary

Congrats on the impressive achievement and for prioviding the inspiration to continue playing this game!

Thank you for the wonderful guides, and sayanora to you too.

And I totally expect you to do the same in D3. Busy and lack of interest and whatnot, it just won't be a D without another one of NF's septsept.


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Congrats on a fantastic achievement. :worship:

Hope you don't mind if all of us mere mortals point people to your thread when they claim such-and-such a build isn't possible? Good luck in life after D2 and hope to see you around the boards from time to time. You know the old saying, "you can check out any time you like, but..."


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Re: Sept Sept Finished & Summary

A HUGE congrats Nightfish! Truly one of the greatest accompishments in SP D2 history :thumbsup:.
Haven't quite finished reading it, but I certainly will!


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Re: Sept Sept Finished & Summary

Yeesh, man putting us all to shame with your superb skills! Congrats on achieving your goals in D2. Your threads have always been fun to read.


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Re: Sept Sept Finished & Summary

What, no septseptsept? Slacker ;) Seriously, in the last few guardian threads you sound bored. I guess you've done everything you wanted to do and feel it's time to move on.

One of the best achievements in this forum :thumbsup:


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Re: Sept Sept Finished & Summary

Thanks for your comments guys :) I'm sure I'll be around from time to time. This is not the kind of game nor forum that you go and truly leave for good.

But will you do the same in D3?
Well, I'll definetly take a look at d3, but I doubt it'll have the same charm for me D2 had and still has.

8-10 hours per character * 50 characters = 400-500 hours, which is plenty of time for level 99. And you chose to waste your time on too many level 70 characters in hell. Bad man. :badteeth:
:p I might say the same about your 99ers. So much time wasted on one single char when you could have so much more variety. ;)

GG, congrats on finally completing this, it's been a long time in the making. Some interesting builds, many of which I enjoyed reading. My favorite thing off the top of my head would be your excellent use of Fleshripper, which is quite a sexy item.
Yea, the Fleshripper has always been one of my favorites. I'm quite happy those builds turned out as far better than just novelty ones.

Guess you'll be moving on now, there are some things that can make even the most veteran D2 player quit for good and this is one of them.
He, well, what can I say? Eventually it's time to move on. You quit from time to time yourself, although, judging from the items you had, you probably spent way more time on this than I did, but you still keep coming back. Still, I've done what I wanted to do.. Well, done that and then some, actually. But I'll definetly go see how some of my guardians perform now, with the proper items (first thing, try the WF on my strafer) before I back it all up and uninstall the game, though... :D

The only thing I should say is ... 51. Well. That's really untidy, isn't it? Not a 'round' number at all. Kind of takes the shine off, doesn't it. Perhaps you should do a couple more to get a better figure? 100 sounds about right.
Haha, no thanks. If there's one thing that sucked about this, then it's trying for symetry. Some chars just don't allow the variety others offer. There are still 2-3 builds I haven't done for sorcs and sins but there are like -2 I want to do for barbs, pallies and druids.

BTW, are we going to get a full write up for nos 50 & 51?
Nah, probably not. They were hardly worthy of anything but a footnote in this thread.

What, no septseptsept? Slacker ;) Seriously, in the last few guardian threads you sound bored.
In some of them, I was. This project made me play a lot of builds I wouldn't normally have tried. A lot of them were fun, both in figuring them out and in playing them, but some were not so great. The ones that were truly boring were surprisingly few, though. I guess I sounded a little more bored than I was. But then again, it's a bit hard to maintain excitement after the 40th guardian. It invariably takes on an air of routine.