Sept Progression Thread.


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After a little mishap early this month, I tossed away fire bear and started a fresh sept.
I thought instead of making new threads every month, starting a progression thread would be much better.

This thread is more of a note-to-self; so don't expect much of a read. =P

January 2016
Have been pretty darn busy; between working overtime on weekdays and catching up on sleep on weekends, I've put in very few hours of play.

General progression has been /p8 through den of evil for lvl 6, /p1 to stony and /p8 on rakanishu for lvl 12.
Afterwards, I drug up on invetory full of stamina potions which gives me a good 10 minutes of unlimited stamina;
and I quest through rest of the Act I on /p1. I always make a short stop at Countess for Tal + Eth, which I use to make Stealth in a breast plate. Chances are, I will keep it on for the rest of normal.

Some other things tp note:
- HFire zealot is hilariously overpowered for early Normal.
- Mana cost of Double Swing is 0 at slvl 9. I hit lvl 15 on my way to Andy, and from there on I pumped Bash for damage.
- I pumped energy early on on the druid, but with the timer of fissure, it felt like a waste.

To Do:
I plan to spend the rest of the weekend rushing through Normal on all 7 chars; so I don't leave any behind.

That's it for now. Tada~

Progression Status:
CLASS             LEVEL           CURRENT PROGRESS
Amazon            lvl 12          (N)  Act I    - Stony Field
Assassin          lvl 12          (N)  Act I    - Stony Field
Necromancer       lvl 18          (N)  Act II   - Lut Gholein
Barbarian         lvl 17          (N)  Act II   - Lut Gholein
Paladin           lvl 21          (N)  Act III  - Flayer Jungle
Sorceress         lvl 12          (N)  Act I    - Stony Field
Druid             lvl 40          (Nm) Act I    - Rogue Camp
Last Update : Feb.29 2016
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Hey this sounds like a nice project to follow! Good luck! I guess you do share items between characters?

Aligning them is bit like a trial and error, but noticing where they show up now helps. For example, taking Assasin's line (from the Rogue Camp point) two spaces back should help, and I would say pushing nec's rogue camp three spaces forward should help.


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I have a faint memory of someone telling me that I should use notepad to edit data and put it back in the table, but it didn't help me this time. =P I was relying on tabs to align them, but I guess I will stick with spaces for now.


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Good luck with your sept! Lovely to see a big project like this being started! I will will keep reading your thread


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Last day of February and it's time for a quick update.

This month has been quite busy, with chinese new years and overtime at work, and I could only get in two weekend of playtime.

At first, I wanted to simply share the stash between all of them, but I feared that I might end up MFing for the gears I need for all subsequent characters or quit one half way hoping that I'd come across a superb weapon to revive an otherwise painfully slow character. In the end, I decided untwinked sept is what I wanted to aim for and made separate stashes for each of them. =) I also decided I want to play through Normal with whatever build and stats that would let me quest through the quickest and respec at the beginning of Nightmare.

As per the progression for this month...
All of my chars began with /p8 den of evil clear for a quick lvl 6; with quick death of blood raven at /p1 quickly after; followed by another stop at rakanishu with /p8 for lvl 12. Repeating this 7 times alone, took me a couple of hours. =P so slow.
From there, rest of the Normal difficulty will be or have been played on /p1.

Most of my playtime this month was spent playing my fire druid. I'm sure chugged more stamina potions than mana pots while I rushed through the first 4 acts, but it was definitely worth it. I hit Act 5 at about lvl 22 and some Eldrich runs at /p8 got me up to mid 30s. Last weekend, I was able to put in one long session; and my druid ran through rest of Act 5, defeated Baal, and popped the Cow King to finish up Normal.

He has been freshly cleaned and wiped with all his gear in stash, and is now sitting in the Rogue Camp awaiting for his new build. I'm thinking rabies. =)

Hopefully I will be able to get more than one char through Normal next month; and the remainder of them the month after.
Slow progress, but a progress nonetheless.

-- Gynli.


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Nice. Septs are always a lot of fun !!!

Good luck, and thanks for the update :).


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Well it's nearing the end of the month already but it's my first time on the forum since my last update.
Real life has been keeping me super busy, and what little time I have left I played LoL with my cousins instead.

It's good to see that this thread has been pusehd all the way back to the 4th page. Nice to see new ppl around here. =D

Sadly, I won't be able to progress for the month of April either, as I'm finishing up my project at work and preparing my return to Canada.

so I'll see u guys next month =D