[Sept progress/Q+A] - "Neumein's Oddballs"


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[Sept progress/Q+A] - "Neumein's Oddballs"

...regarding the thread title, I have three. :shocked:

J/k, and for those who don't get the joke, don't worry about it, it's kind of wrong.

Anyways. After making various cookie cutters, whom I found didn't interest me at all, I decided to work on a sept, involving some different (but not completely off the wall) builds. Something effective, please, not an untwinked "attacker takes damage of" sorc with no skills / stat points / gear please.

I have already planned out a few, and have started a couple of them. Here's what I've got so far.

Paladin - AngryBandAid, zealot/cleric hybrid who must wield a 2h axe
Barbarian - MrBouncy, a leap attack/berzerker, must use polearms (yes, this one was inspired by DeathMaster's tournament idea)
Assassin - Essence, a Ghost kicker/Phoenix striker who can only show her true self (un-fade, phoenix strike), when it is dark, or she is underground, or when CoS is on.
Amazon - Sidewinder, a Guided arrow zon who emulates both the snake and the missile she is named after. She packs treachery for the venom, Inner sight and Guided Arrow for the heatseaking ability, and must pack in as much FRW as possible, to match the missiles speed.

The other four classes I have not really thought about much, I would like to make a ??/nova sorc, as I've always enjoyed them. Maybe some kind of melee necro, and a non-shifter for the druid, maybe a wind/?? hybrid :undecided:.

Let's throw some ideas around.

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Re: [Sept progress/Q+A] - "Neumein's Oddballs"

Two important details. SC or HC? Twinked or untwinked? =). Some builds will pretty much require twinked SC.

Anyway, here's some junk that I've done/considered. *opens vault*

Necromancer: Oath Meleemancer (done), Trang's Daggermancer.
Sorceress: ES Energy Enchantress (done), ES Thunderstorm/Blaze Sorc.
Druid: Fire/Wind Hybrid, Harmony Summoner.

I like your ideas for the other four classes. The paladin would bore me, but if that's your kind of thing, then go for it. =).

Paladin: Holy Shock Boxer.
Assassin: Monk (Weaponless Martial Artist).
Amazon: Impalazon.

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Re: [Sept progress/Q+A] - "Neumein's Oddballs"

I would suggest builds around lvl 30 skills that are rarely used - Lightning Strike, Blade Shield, Fire Golem, Hydra, Armageddon, Spirit of Barbs, Fist of the Heavens.