Semi-budget hardcore Pstriker


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Semi-budget hardcore Pstriker


I am in the process of making a somewhat budget Phoenix Striker assassin for hardcore PvM play. I am still in a levelling process, but I try to plan a bit ahead and have thus far come up with the following setup:

Helm: Shako
Amulet: Mara's
Weapon: Bartuc's
Armor: Treachery in Dusk Shroud or close strength-wise equivalent
Shield: Sanctuary in either a Hyperion or a Troll Nest. Any recommendations here? Hyperion offers slightly more block in return for a higher strength requirement.
Gloves: 2 MA, 20 IAS, 3 ML gloves (pref also with stats, LL etc but that would be expensive)
Belt: Verdungo's/String of Ears. Massive life vs LL
Boots: Treks or Wartravelers for Str/Vit. Waterwalk for dex/life.
obvious Anni+Torch
Ring1: Ravenfrost
Ring2: BK

At the very worst I'd be looking at the following stats:

+75 (80) to all resistances in Hell: -100+(50+20+30+10+10+60) from Sanctuary, Mara's, Scroll quests, Anni, Torch and the built-in Fade in Treachery.

35-40% PDR. Fade 15% and SoE/Dungo's 10-15% + Shako.

7 fpa breakpoint with PS/normal attack. (Requires 60 IAS with a -30 WSM weapon, i.e. Bartuc's). I get 45+20 from armor + glove slots.

FHR: 30% (Bartuc's) + 20% (Sanctuary) + 20% (Treachery) + an additional 20% (Treks) + 10% (Verdungo's) which enables me to hit either the 48% or the 86% breakpoints.

Life Leech: Ranging from an absolute minimum of 11% (5% from Bartuc's + 3% from BK + 3% from gloves) up to a max of 24% (9% Bartuc, 5% BK and 8% SoE).
Mana Leech: 3% from gloves. Hopefully enough.


+6 All Skills (2 Shako, 2 Mara, 1 BK, 1 Anni)

+7 Assassin skills (2 Bartuc's, 2 Treachery, 3 Torch)

+3 Martial Arts skills (1 Bartuc's, 2 gloves)

for a total of 16 MA and 13 assa.

I really hope to play with Treachery and it's ready-to-go level 15 fade. A level 15 fade lasts 288 seconds, which I think would be plenty to allow for it to be refreshed. BoS isn't needed in my build unless someone can point out any breakpoint errors I might've made (only thing I'm worried about is something about diminishing returns on non-weapon IAS - would love to have this clarified).

Will I have big AR problems until I get an Infinity?
Should I keep my Defiance merc, get a Holy Freeze one (Pstrike freeze is <3 though) or go Blessed Aim until I can get Infinity?
What is the approximate dex need for max block around levels 80-85?
Should I only put enough points in Str/Dex to support gear/max block and then rest in Vit? Or is dex a worthy investment for AR?

Many thanks in advance


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Re: Semi-budget hardcore Pstriker

This is a working block calc to check.

The Troll Nest saves ~20 STR, but you need ~20 more dex for max block. :S Six of one, half dozen of the other. Go for style at this point.

Over all, the build seems solid. I'd definitely see about getting the Infinity for AR / element focus, but HF works fine until then. You should hit well enough when they're chilled and slowed. Don't forget about CoS as well.


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Re: Semi-budget hardcore Pstriker

At level 80, using a Troll Nest (45% base) with Sanctuary (20%) requires 200 Dex for max block.

At level 80, using a Hyperion (49% base) with Sanctuary (20%) requires 189 Dex for max block.

At 85:

Troll Nest: 212

Hyperion: 200

At 99:

Troll Nest: 244

Hyperion: 231.

Thus, using the better block shield will free up between 11 and 13 points of Dexterity, while requiring 21 more strength (106 vs 127). Troll Nest has a better defense range and looks cooler. Decision made. :)


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Re: Semi-budget hardcore Pstriker

I used a Jade Talon as the offhand weapon and spent a point in Claw block, this frees up a fair amount of dex for extra vitality, and you get the bonus skills.

I believe you will struggle for AR without an infinity, my cth was horrendous until I equipped Nat's Claw and got the ITD bonus.

Here's my Pstriker guardian anyway if you want to have a look, I used full Nats set, but given the option of anni and torches online I may have made some different gear choices.