Sellig stuff on ebay

Sellig stuff on ebay

I'm thinking about getting rid of some stuff so I might sell it on ebay. I was wondering if anyone here has sold stuff and if you have, how easy is it? Is it a big process or is it just signing up and putting the stuff on sale?



Its not a big deal.

They have everything automated, you chose your all your options that you want, put in your description, define the shipping, etc...


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I think they like to have a credit card on file, so they can bill you for the seller fees you rack up. They charge small fees to list an item, they also charge a small % of the selling price. It's not that much, really. I sold a baseball card for 250 dollars and all the various fees on the sale came to like 7 dollars.

But otherwise, once you set up a seller account, it's simple. THere's a 5 or 6 step sequence that it walks you through and when you're done, just wait and hope for high bids.


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Make sure your first few sales are somewhat small, as people dont like 1 FB sellers. Also, pictures and a good description go a long way. Finally, search for similar items and remember what categories they are in. Good Luck- you may have some hidden treasures in your junk, or it may just be junk!