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I was thinking, would it be possible to build a character who could get himself to at least a NM Hellforge as fast as possible? Possibly even Hell Hellforge? I thought maybe a Frost Zealot, since they can burn through Normal and NM, but then the immunities start to kill your speed. A Skelliemancer might be able to, but Diablo can be a problem for the minions. So what do you think? What character could go from create to Hellforge the fastest, with no outside help, besides some Normal Baal Runs perhaps?


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As i dont have someone to rush me I do similar with a sorc but she needs good equipment from the start. Make some low level 'kits' for a sorc by running bosses on normal difficulty with a high level. What you should look for would be:

Levels 0-20ish

Bane Ash Staff
Rare staves or ones bought from vendors
Rare or set items for armor
FCR rings and amulets

Levels 20ish - 42

Razorswitch (adds 175 mana, +1 skills, 80 life, 30% FCR, 50+ resists - Best choice until Occulus)
Leaf runeword
Skin of the Vipermagi
Peasant Crown
SOJ (if possible)

Level 42+

Lidless Wall

Self mule these to the new character and you shouldn't have any problems at all. Also drop them a load of cash and hire a new merc every time you get to a new act. Kit them out with stuff from vendors (using the cash) and when fighting diablo, duriel, etc, static them down and let the merc finish them off. I would suggest a blizz / fireball sorc personally as it is quicker to cast blizzard then meteor and as you only want the hellforge quest you wont want to make her uber effective for hell. If any of the hell difficulty quests are a problem join public games and try and find someone who will help do the quest for you by getting a higher level in then you return the favour (theres a lot of idiots on bnet but this method does work). Obviously dont rush them all the way through and expect a rush back, do it one quest at a time. For the hellforge quest, which can be difficult for your rushed sorc to do solo, make the game with your rushed sorc, wait 5 minutes, exit and return with a high level, clear the way from river tp to hellforge and kill hephisto, exit and return with your rushed sorc, cross fingers and do quest.

You'll be left with a high level mule or a normal / nightmare mf'er.