Self boosting in SP


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Self boosting in SP

Wasn't able to find a thread conserning the subject so I made this one to hear your opinions.
By self boosting i mean either hosting TCP/IP Games:
* With a boosting character to help the lowlvl character do baalruns or other types of exp-runs (or help him finish boss-quests etc.)
* With an enchantress to "buff" the lowlvl character so he can kill everything really fast at /players 8.

I've read about people doing HF runs by rushing their own characters and it caught my attention (who doesn't like HR's?!).

Thanks for your time.


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Couldn't find a edit button so:
Basicly I wanna know if you frown upon people who boost their characters.


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It's really a personal preference. You mentioned the Hellforge runs, which is basically the same idea as "boosting". It all comes down to what you want and where you get your enjoyment from this game. If you are bored silly in Normal difficulty and by boosting Diablo becomes more fun for the later levels then go ahead. If you really only PvP and can't be bothered leveling up to 85 solo, then boost away. There is no specific rule forbidding this (unless I missed it).

That said there will be people who see this as "cheesy", but again that is their personal preference only.

Myself I see nothing wrong with this. It happens on constantly and since you can do it in Single Player without using any hacks it's fine with me.

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Personally I don't have a problem with it. It is something that can be done on, and it is something that you could do if you owned 2 computers and 2 copies of the game.

Still, everything in moderation.

I feel there are certain times when it is appropriate and certain times when it is not. I plan on rushing my Hammeradin past the NM and Hell Maggot Layers, While I'm fairly certain that I could defeat both places without the rush it simply would not be fun for me. I can avoid a couple hours of aggravation, annoyance, and anger (probably at my merc) and move onto having fun again.

If however you are rushing every single one of your characters from Norm Act 1 to Hell Act 5 and then baaling them to level 80... well I suppose you aren't technically doing anything wrong but I wonder why you bother to even play the game still? You obviously aren't having fun playing it since you are skipping 95% of it. To each their own I suppose.

Edit: I'd still trade or MP with someone who Rushed and Baal'ed, It's just that at my current interest level in the game other things are more fun for me.



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search for my uber gear to speed thru low levels. with not hard to gather gear any of the 7 classes can push themselves quickly thru end of NM till a point where their own build takes over