Seeking mature MFer/mentor (of sorts) on East Ladder


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Seeking mature MFer/mentor (of sorts) on East Ladder

I have a level 68 F.Orb/CL sorc & just decided to try and do some pit runs, however I can't exactly make it to the pit and ancient tunnels takes too long to get too and I die a lot once I'm in there (kinda help if my lightning resist wasn't -60) anyway, I'm looking for someone around my level, maybe higher, interested in doing pit runs. I'm mostly doing it to get a handle on MFing (currently holding steady at 169%), gain exp. and maybe pick up a few items here and there to round out my sorc's rig and help my werebear.

For the most part, if you see something you like, you can have it but I'd prefer if we could just give each other a heads up on what we want if something drops (I'm specifically looking for tals armor and/or war travs, at the moment).

Anyway, if anyone's interested, feel free to let me know either here, or on the realms. My account name is *kopfschuss :)

(Note: I normally work tuesdays 9a-5p, & wed, thur, sat & sun 3p-11p with mondays and fridays off, so if this works with your schedule, all the better)

And as always, anyone else that's interested in joining in, regardless of level or MFing experience is more than welcome!


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Didn't want you to feel ignored. Aren't there some lightning immunes in the Pit? That would reduce you to one skills, F Orb. Hmmm, got a good Merc?

Unfortunately you are on the wrong realm and you're not hard core, so I can't help you.

Try joining an east coast Guild. I think there was one posted here that covers all realms. Look for the one posted by Clarick.

Good luck



Read my Pit thread in this forum. If you want you can hook up with some of us in the channel Whoopass in the evenings. Baal is being run for now but the idea is for Pit Runs. By the way, this is Useast, Ladder play. I am normally on random evenings between 6- 10 central. Since I am off of work this Monday, I may play for a while during the day & will post here when I get on on Monday.

Account Galdor-V

ya my friend and i are looking for somebody to hook up with, we wanna start a small group of friends that mf, do exp runs etc.
i did a thread in this forum u can go there and take a look
im normaly on when ur on to and so is my friend
our accounts are *greedy_son and *dra33 *dra34, just msg us and let us know :drink: