Seasonal crafting plan farming


Clan Officer - US East Hardcore
Caveat: the following could be nothing than massively coincidental RNG.

For those that are working on seasonal characters, and want to quickly obtain the various blacksmithing crafting plans, I'd suggest you head onto the Battlefields of Eternity tileset and get farming. I've been on that tileset three times so far this season; once on Normal whilst gathering white materials, and twice on t1 rifts using that tileset.

So far, I've gotten 2 blacksmithing plans in each run, for a total of 6 (5 sets, one legendary). This is substantially more than any other tileset, and also, to me, either a big coincidence or a hidden bonus for plan drops on that map. The latter makes a certain amount of sense, since the map has tons of ancient armor piles that drop the relatively rare white items that salvage into one of the mats for set/legendary crafts.

Again, this could be one player seeing a pattern out of randomness, but when I keep getting plans on the same tileset and almost never get plans elsewhere, well, maybe there is a pattern.

Just a head's up - Aughilds' is too good not to have!