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Season Three Exclusive Legendary Items

Discussion in 'Diablo 3 General Discussion' started by Flux, Mar 14, 2015.

  1. Flux

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    Flux Submitted a news story

    Season Three Exclusive Legendary Items

    After some vague comments on Season Three Legendaries, all of which were immediately enabled (for seasonal and non) in Patch 2.2.0 on the PTR, the Blues have put together a complete list of which of the new Legendary Items will only drop for Seasonal characters, at least until the season ends.

    Season Three Exclusive Legendary Items:

    The following items are intended to be Seasonal only for Season 3. Note that not everything on this list is currently flagged as a Season 3 item at this time. This is a bug and should be fixed in a future PTR patch:

    • Dead Man's Legacy (rework) -- Multishot hits enemies who are below 50-60% health twice.
    • Dread Iron (rework) -- Unknown. (Not in patch notes. Anyone found one?)
    • Nagelring (rework) Ring -- Summons a Fallen Lunatic to your side every 10-15 seconds.
    • Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac (rework) Ring -- Reduces the remaining cooldown of one of your skills by 1 second each time you spend resource.
    • Hammer Belt (Placeholder Name) Crusader belt -- Justice spawns a Blessed Hammer when it hits an enemy.
    • Ranslor's Folly (bracers) -- Energy Twister Periodically pulls in enemies within 30 yards.
    • Little Man's Finger (ring) -- Gargantuan instead summons three smaller Gargantuans each more powerful than the original. (Witch Doctor only.)
    • Spirit Guards (bracers) -- Your Spirit generators reduce your damage taken by 30-40% for 3 seconds. (Monk only.)
    • Iceblink (Legendary gem) -- Your Cold skills now apply Chill effects and your Chill effects now slow enemy movement speed by an additional 5%. The additional movement speed reduction is increased by .4% per rank. At rank 25 you gain 10% increased chance to critically strike Chilled or Frozen enemies.
    • Mutilation Guard (Legendary gem) -- Gain 10% melee damage reduction. Melee damage reduction is increased by 1% per rank. At rank 25 while below 50% life, you may move through enemies unhindered.
    • Bottomless Potion of Amplification -- Increases healing from all sources by 20-25% for 5 seconds.

    As with previously reworked Seasonal items, once patch 2.2.0 launches, these items will no longer drop in non-Seasonal games and will remain removed from the non-Seasonal Legendary pool until Season 3 concludes.

    On a related note, we will be removing Bane of the Stricken from Patch 2.2.0. We're not happy with its current implementation. It's possible we may revisit it in a later patch. [source][/source]

    I pasted the legendary affixes for all of the items into the Blue post, as I doubt many of us have memorized all the new powers just yet. Note that "rework" in the post means those are existing legendary items without useful legendary affixes, which are getting new powers and becoming seasonal items for S3. Subject to change during further PTR testing, obviously. (For instance, both guests on last week's Podcast felt the Ob/Zod is now too powerful and probably due for a nerf to the proc rate.)

    Also note that there are a lot of other legendary item changes in v2.2.0 that are not seasonal, and that the most impactful item changes in patch 2.2.0, the three new Item Sets and all the big changes to the vanilla class sets, are not going to be Seasonal and will be available for existing characters once the Patch 2.2.0 goes live after Season Two ends. Plus, changes to item sets are retroactive and will take effect on the green items you've already found, while you have to find new copies of the orange items to get their new legendary bonuses.
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  2. Timesink

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    Aug 15, 2008
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    Sadly go read the feedback on the Tal's set in the PTR forums. The (few) people that love the current implementation all use Twister with the new bracers as a CC method. That's because they don't care about the damage it does at all. Frustrating but people continue to prove that they will play for hours with something tedious if there are Big Numbers as a reward.
  3. Mortalo

    Mortalo Diabloii.Net Member

    Aug 13, 2013
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    I loved twister back when it spawned at caster. It was good for fire blades.
  4. trocadero

    trocadero Diabloii.Net Member

    Feb 4, 2013
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    I popped a mediocre Nagelring on my Enchantress, and those little bastards clip; you can't move around town and get stuck very easily if you're not careful. Be very careful in narrow hallways w/ massive numbers of imps, they will block your normal movement. (Note, this was true earlier, haven't been on PTR since the new fixes).
  5. Michal

    Michal Diabloii.Net Member

    Sep 12, 2008
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    oh damn, Obsidian looks good, hm?!

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