Season Five is Now Live



As planned, Season Five kicked off Friday night in all regions, and the usual new season rush to 70 (and beyond) was a gogogo ptl plz! If you returned to play after some time away, you weren't alone. Hordes of players tried to get in, and there were numerous reports of "can't create character" problems right after the season went live... apparently all due to server (over) load.

Those issues resolved themselves once everyone wasn't trying to make a new character at once, and aside from an issue with the big Achievement pop up displays not always working, Blizzard hasn't blue posted anything of note in the technical forum.

There is currently an issue impacting what we call Achievement Toasts – the large, flashy pop-ups that alert you that an achievement has been earned during gameplay. Under some circumstances, these Achievement Toasts will not appear for players as they complete the requirements for achievements.

This issue affects only the Achievement Toast itself. The achievement will still be earned and can be viewed elsewhere in the game.

We are currently investigating a fix and hope to have it ready soon. [source][/source]

Other issues in the new patch (not just Season 5) worth knowing about:
  • The "Plague of Burrowers" bounty is annoying and time-consuming if your damage isn't high enough to get instant kills, since all the Scavengers heal completely when they burrow.

Are you playing Season Five? Does the fresh economy and clean ladders give you a warm happy feeling?

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i started playing when the clock hit the time, hc, and went to sleep after i hit p101. couldn't believe my router didn't dc (yet) because that's the only way i am mortal.


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I started a bit late and ended up playing HotS for a bit with a friend so didn't play it as much as I'd like. Today I'm going to a birthday party. God damn you, other people.


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The first player in Europe just got the "Master of Sets" achievement. That means this season he's already collected 8 sets and mastered all of their set dungeons. I'm not even (regular) level 20 yet!


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Very happy that I made it to 70 before needing to get to bed for my 6:00AM job this morning. The first start of Season I've been available for.
Grouped up with a couple of INC Clan members, who were great to play with. We had a couple of issues leaving and starting new games, but managed to work through it. Hopefully will get some paragon levels after work tonight.


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Meh on seasons. Maybe later. BUT the list of hotfixes amuses me. I found the Lachdanan's Stormshield when it was legendary, and mine rolled ancient, so I have an awesome ancient legendary shield with 0 stats sitting in my stash. Best shield ever.


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must have played nonstop like a bot, normal people cant accomplish that its impossible... dont see the fun doing all that so fast its inhuman


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People go so ridiculously fast that it isn't even fun anymore. I enjoy the challenge of leveling to 70 and relearning my class and any changes that have happened in patches and hotfixes. I also like doing a variety of content rather than rifting. I think 'levels per hour' is probably the worst acronym that an RPG can have. =/ But I'm just weird like that.


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I haven't played for a few months, but figured the new patch and season 5 were great excuses. Needless to say, that cursor made me feel like I was taking crazy pills. "Wait, was it always like that? Why does it look pixelated? How did I not notice this before?!" I really hope they make it less terrible-looking soon.


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I believed in the old conspiracy that they "juiced" the drops for seasons, but I've hit 120ish Plevels w/o a single ancient weapon. I had an ancient weapon last season around Plevel 50. Also, F Blackthornes. Stop letting that drop past T4, come on.


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I love the new cursor, I can finally see it over the all of the graphical effects of a Wiz & DH. Maybe I just have issues tracking fast moving changes.

But I agree, having it as an option would be a sensible idea.


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Also, anyone rolling a barb, or about to complain about barbs on the ladder, be aware that they know of a Charge glitch, but since they didn't see it until after the season started, they don't want to fix it, even if they caught it in the first couple of days. It's like the original Street Fighter 2 combo system; animation canceling giving you extra hits in shorter bursts of time. They had this way, WAY back at the beginning for certain skill combos, but "fixed it" before ship. They must have a skeleton crew now, and shifted all QA and testing over to Overwatch.


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I started a barb this season. Didn't think I would come back this season but here I am. Haven't gotten very far yet (level 36 or so) but it's fun. Glad I broke out the game again.