Season 4 leveling...


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Well, I've never had to post one of these threads or care about them, but since Vyr's is definitely not viable for wizards non-seasons and maybe a little viable in seasons I guess I'm playing least until I give up. ;)

Anyone know they are playing seasons and interested in grouping for leveling?


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Damn I wish! My isp is still shit and I had hoped to return to HC for s4 but that looks to not be the case. Know that your fallen hero Muggs sheds a tear for my HC brethern.

On the positive side they are currently digging up my neighborhood to install google fiber so maybe I can make my return to HC in s5.


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Yea, they just finished digging up our neighborhood too. 1Gig up/download here we go!

I wonder if they're doing the entire country simultaneously now?