Season 11 HC GO GO GO !!!


Clan Officer - US East Hardcore
Any 1 even read this forum anymore that plays HC ??

I'm ready for the Necro and the new season too..

If you are playing post here so we can get some groups going once we go Live....

GO !!!!!!


Clan Officer - US East Hardcore
So My take so far is that the Necro isn't all the way there yet. Ive managed to take a Inarius build to Gr70 on the Ptr and today I did a Gr65 with a Rathmas pet build. The necro can still use some more tweaks as far as the passives and set bonuses go..

The other features are worth the 15 bucks even if you don't want the necro. More stash, the armory, some new maps - might mean a few more months of excitement...

So is ANYONE else going to play when the ladder season starts ??


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Are they ever going to make custom channels available, so we can run a banana channel & hang out together?