Searching volunteer + bye bye LOD!


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Searching volunteer + bye bye LOD!

Hi guys, I've quitted D2 week ago, it was just so boring, plus i reached Grail minus one, and MFing was the last thing preventing me from quitting...
So I need a responsible guy to giveaway my left ~2k items, I'm rather busy at the moment and I won't be able to spend the next week arranging/sending mules. :innocent: So if you think you can handle such enormous task, PM me for the details.
Note that my top-notch items were already given away to friends from ths forum, but there still are few TC 87 uniques/sets, and countless items from TC 84 and below!
Btw I'll still post here, so this isn't farewell thread. :D

Anyhow, thank you all for making my D2 carrer so much fun! :worship:

P.S. Almost forgot, I now play NWN:HotU! :flip:


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Well I've not even done my own giveaway yet, so I aint about to step foward for such a huge task. Just like to say goodluck with whatever your doin with all that time you'll have free now you aint playin D2, and have a good time :)

Glad to know you aint leavin us completely :)


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Send it to Ti-Ben, he's a no-life and has a lot of time on his hands :lol: . But sadly so am I, I volunteer but do I get to steal a couple of items for myself at the same time if I'm the chosen one :innocent:


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Normally I'd volunteer for such a challenge but I'm away from my good connection soon :(

Keep posting about HotU, I intend to start playing that properly once I've got myself a PC that can run it without the enormous jerkiness (bah to deceptively high system requirements).


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too sad to see you leave D2, but that u will stay posting here is a good news :clap: .
and for the big giveaway I had realy no time to make such a thing, I was thinking of giving also alot of my items but didn't it because I waaas too lazy. Anyway I wish you good luck in whatever you are going to do :thumbsup:


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Sorry to see you go Vorbiss, hope you still drop by from time to time and say hello.

Takis (El_Greco)


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Dun Dun Dun, another one bites the dust.....

Goodluck with all the time that should open up for you now.

What was the one item you were missing for grail?


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hey man i dont think u really know me cuz i am relatively new to spf bu ti think that i have enough time to do it so if u are willing to let me i will be happy to do it for u. sorry to see u go just another one of the friendly people here at spf. edit: [email protected]


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well if you need someone i can do it, if you do have me do it i plan to do it over a period of time, maybe a couple hundred items at once. so sorry to see you go.

btw: if you want me email is..... [email protected]

edit: my 666th post.....gotta be a sign


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Vorbiss said:
Almost forgot, I now play NWN:HotU! :flip:
Good stuff :D There is quite a strong NWN community made up of mostly former members from here, I think you know where to find us if you want to chat 'bout the game ;)


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Spook_Cell said:
Send it to Ti-Ben, he's a no-life and has a lot of time on his hands :lol: . But sadly so am I, I volunteer but do I get to steal a couple of items for myself at the same time if I'm the chosen one :innocent:
Bastard. :bow:

Well Vorbiss, welcome to the of gang of 'Retired D2 Players'. :thumbsup:


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I'd volunteer but I'm leaving on a two week holiday on saturday :) .... too bad ur leaving it always sucks when a veteran leaves.


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Vorbiss, I hope you enjoy your new life, whatever it is. Let's hope NWN let's you have one. :lol:


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I'd gladly volunteer but a job of this magnitude should really go to an ATMA user. :D

No need to leave this place forever . . . hope we see you around!


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Thanks for the nice words ppl! :)
Sure I'll still post here, my D2 wisdom shall be shared with the masses. :uhhuh:

@memememem173: It was Tyrael's, of course! :evil:

@Beor: PM sent!

@Ti-Ben: is there some kind of "retired diablomaniacs" club I should join now? ;)

@Bolin: mail sent!