SDRAM question

SDRAM question

My computer right now has 512MB of 168-pin 133MHz SDRAM

I've decided to go ahead and upgrade to Revit and I'm going to need a minimum of 1GB of RAM. My question is can I add a 1GB RAM to the existing 512MB RAM and not have any issues?

I've been told before that having differing sizes of RAM chips has caused problems before.


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as long as you have enouh sd slots in the mobo it should be good
some mobos that use sd have limits around 1g so look up the specs before getting more for it

i have one computer running with 256+128+32mb sd dimms (133), works good tho

its the computers that use simms that you need to match, each dimm is like a matched pair of simms


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how many dimms can the mobo hold?

oh ya, check if its a dell they liked to put proprietary memory in their machines


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3x 512 dimms should be ok, buy one and see if bios recognises it, if its good get 2 more


my old machine from 2002 said it had a max limit of 1.5 gb, it has the same specs you just metntion on yours (3 slots, 133 and the like) I put in 2x 1gb chips that work had sitting around when we last upgraded our machines and it worked fine. not sure however if it is using all of the 2 gig but on boot up it does post the full 2 gig.


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i havent seen many sd mobos that can handle 1g dimms
over 1g of 133 would make it slower iirc

you might want to upgrade your mobo and processor first

if you dont have any isa cards and have an agp video card check this out

adding a gig of memory would only be around $100 more
It's a Gateway E-3600

Idealy I'd just get a better computer entirely but the boss is such a moron he won't go for it. We're spending a little under $5,000 for new software in the idea that he can sell the business when he retires in a few years. Yet he's not willing to upgrade the hardware any more than the bare minimum. It's like buying a Dodge Viper and putting in a Geo Metro engine in it. Sure it'll putt down the road but that's about it.


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that was actually a decent system back in 2000
geforce3 isnt a bad video card
1.2-2.0g p4's weren't bad but using the pc133 is really choking it down
For what I'm doing the CPU is still fine. Revit is a RAM hog. 1GB is bare miniumum. 2 is suggested and 3 recommended. A better video card always helps but the cost outweighs the benefits.
That's the problem. says I can only have 1.5GB

It's a moot point anyway as the boss is to smrt to fall for my lies about how I need a faster computer. I'm lucky to be getting to 1GB (the bare minimum). Basically I'm getting a Dodge Viper with a Geo Metro motor


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I can only assume that your CAD programs use bizarre amounts of RAM, because for any purpose I can think of strapping that much memory to an old computer is completely pointless.

The only thing I remember about RAM is that you need to make sure you install it in pairs to get that speed boost thingy (it's been a while, I don't remember what it's really called). I don't know what happens if some of your RAM chips are paired and some aren't.

Oh wait, maybe that's only DDR RAM.
Yeah, we're going to upgrade to Revit which is a 3D architectural modeling & BIM system. It apparently needs tons of RAM instead of relying on the video card.