Scyther druid


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Hello, everybody! I guess this guide will be helpfull on Your warcrafting in diablo world.
Skills are:
20 - fire claws;
20 - lycanthropy;
1 - werebear;
6 - maul;
1 - shock wave;
20 - firestorm;
20 - molten boulder;
11-20 - fissure.
Gear is:
Helm: Superior Pelt 3 Fire Claws 2 Perfect Diamond Mal;
Armor: Immortal King Soul Cage Shael;
Swap: Bonehew 2 Shael (for 7 frame attack speed);
Weapon: War Scythe 6 Shael (for 4 frame attack speed);
Belt: Immortal King Detail;
Boots: Immortal King Pillar;
Amulet: Highlord's Wrath;
Gloves: Steelrend;
Ring: Bul Kathos Wedding Band;
Ring2: Manald Heal;
Annih, Torch and Fine of Vita (Balance) small charms.
Barbarian: The Grandfather Perfect Emerald, Delirium Demonhead, Treachery dusk.
Action skills: fire claws, maul.
Stats are:
Strength - evrything else;
Dexterity - 80;
Vitality - 0;
Enrg - 0.
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