[SCL_ISO] Boost/rush and hammerdin gear


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Hi folks! My passion for diablo 2 has been rekindled, and I've felt an urge to start doing some mf runs again, just for the heck of it. But, I don't have the time to play through the game from act1 normal to where I want to be. So I was wondering if it was possible to get boosted, or if someone could provide a leveling service where you do all the hard work?

This means from act 1 normal to act 5 hell (without baal kill). And I imagine that lvl 80 should suffice.

I could offer high runes for a service like this, but I wouldn't know how many or what type would be fair. So I would very much like you to tell me. But I'm sure that if you have something else in mind, we could work something out.

In addition to the leveling service (where the boost is included), I would need some standard hammerdin gear, as well as 7mf sc's. You know.. Shako, HOTO, Enigma, spirit, HoZ, CTA, maras etc. Oh! I would need some merc gear as well. Insight is a must, and some other nice ethereal armor.

Before we get into the gear, I'm first and foremost interested in the leveling service. Really interested if this is still a service that's offered here :)