[SCL] Duck's FT/ISO List


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[SCL] Duck's FT/ISO List

Alrighty, so none of these have bins due to me being unsure of actual prices... it seems the market's not quite settled, so please bid what you think is fair!

Items for trade are...

Set Items
Griswold's Heart
Full Tal Rasha's (some pieces come with ptopaz)

Andariel's Visage (138ed, 9ll, 28str)
Carrion Casque (2 Amazon Skills, 50psn dmg, 8ll, 16 All res, psn red 25%, no sockets)

Guardian Angel (ETH, 186ed)

String of Ears (157ed, 8ll)
Snowclash (138ed, 2 Chilling, 2 Blizz, 3 Glacial)

Frostburns (11ed)

Lidless Wall (88ed)
Steelclash (82ed)

Passion (RW) Zerker Axe
Titan's Revenge (199ed, 7ll)
The Occulus

Mara's Kaleidoscope (20res)

Shadow Disciplines x2
100 psn dmg sc

5/5 cold lvl
4/4 cold lvl
4/4 cold lvl
5/4 fire lvl
4/4 lite lvl
5/3 lite die
5/3 cold die
5/3 cold die
5/3 poison die

White Items
Superior Boneweave (14ed, durability 10%)
Superior Scarab Husk (15ed)

Crafted Amulets
1) +1 Paladin Skills, 8fcr, 3mana leech, replenish life +4, 20 mana, regen mana 7%, all resistances 17 (required lvl 53)

2) +1 Amazon Skills, 7fcr, 11mana, regen mana 5%, cold/fire/poison res 3%, lite res 9%, 56% extra gold (required lvl 49)

3) +1 to Traps, 9fcr, 9mindmg, 13mana, regen mana 5%, cold/fire/poison res 14%, lite res 31% (req lvl 73)

4) +2 to Combat Skills (Paladin), 6fcr, 17ar, 1energy, 18mana, regen mana 10%, magic dmg red 3 (required lvl 52)

5) +2 to Combat Skills (Paladin), 9fcr, 3energy, 36life, 14mana, regen mana 8%, lite res 19% (req lvl 52)

6) +1 Amazon Skills, 10fcr, 4str, 11mana, regen mana 9%, allres 14, 2 light radius (required lvl 49)

7) +2 Paladin Skills, 5fcr, 3mana leech, 11mana, regen mana 7%, magic dmg red 3, 19mf (required lvl 89)

Searching for...

- Runes (Pul+)
- Grief (zerker axe)
- MP Enigma
- COA (random)
- Random Bloodfists
- Random Goreriders
- Random Metalgrid
- Random Ravenfrost
- Random Wisp Protector
- Random CTA and Spirit monarch

Note: I am MORE than willing to trade a combination of my trade list for my iso. I have a couple of HRs, but if possible I'd like to get rid of some of my trade items first.
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Re: [SCL] Duck's FT/ISO List

Hey offering mal + um for your Andariel's Visage (138ed, 9ll, 28str). Please lmk, thanks.


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Re: [SCL] Duck's FT/ISO List

Samo - I'm going to sit on this one for now; you're my top offer, so please keep an eye on this thread. I'm away for the weekend, so when I get back and there's no other offers it's yours. :)