School of daggermancer


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School of daggermancer

School of daggermancer

Praise to the light, fellow necromancers, the time has come to conjure our knowledge for ground breaking front line fighters. No I do not mean skeleton, be hold and envision of a daggermancer.

In our quest to banish the evil of the world, we have come across enough knowledge and items for a school powerful daggermancers.

Here is my proposal for this school of though.

Our school shall train the chosen ones with the full power of the following

Poison Dagger
Poison Explosion
Poison Nova

Nonetheless poison is a dark art and shall only be used when necessary. For the sake of banishing common demons, we shall also grand the full power of Skeleton and it’s mastery to the chosen ones. Common demons are hardly worth the chosen one’s effort, his minion shall be able to deal with it.

Never forget a single study in clay golem, bone armour, and various curses.

For the gear, we shall give the chosen ones with the trang oul’s most priced possession, his full Avatar. Together borrowing the power from the light, we shall gather angelic halos and angelic wing. For his traveller, we must gather marrow walks. Marrow walk will grand our chosen ones with extra powerful bone armours when he needs it.

Now for his priceless dagger, we shall start with any common dagger, in fact if the chosen can get hold of a fanged knife would be ideal, spare the fanged knife for rune word, malice. The real harm that this will deliver comes in two folds, the deadly combination of poison and fresh wounds.

Alternative attack method of the chosen one includes poison nova, his skeleton army and fire skill from His Holy Avatar. That is excluding the second set of weapon of the chosen one might have.

Our school has her first pupil. Mephitica, his chosen second set of weapon is burisa.


Interesting post Dazuni. :drink:

I've been eyeing a front line Necro since I ran out into the blood moor for the first time and struck my first Fallen down with my stick of a wand.

I've been meaning to put a full on Daggermancer into action for some time and I'm lvling him now. I've made a Sp character who has on, just about the most ideal set-up any Melee/Caster could find from my testin'.

There are drawbacks and benefits to a necro in close combat...mainly drawbacks though. Your choice of Trang's ava is good except for the bug's currently plaguing the set.

I see this type of charater's ideal weapons as; Death's web, with Fleshripper on switch. Nothing beats those two weapons with the necro's skills.

Also, you do not need the huge Ar bonus form Angelic. At all really. You'll get 7-12k Poioson dagger attack rating with just average to real good set-ups, so get a Maras/Metalgrid/Highlord's/Crafted/Raven frost/Bul Kath/Soj/Rare rings and/or ammy's.

Not to take away from Role-play of your thread/character....just the facts and findings man. Cold and hard, but that's what it takes sometimes.:strong:

Final note; skeles are good, and best PvM pretty much, but for a little PvP, Bone Armour synergies are the "good mannered" way to go. As if that ain't obvious.

Cool thread still though.:cool:

*You will now be returned to your regularly posted theme thread*


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Hiya beat boxer,

Fact finding is okay, just been bored in the office so I thought do some role play.

Indeed, the bug is in Trangs, it is only with the faster cast right? But I thought this shall be ok, as you might notice that the real physical damage in this setup is with the open wound, and the rest is from poison damage, honestly, both of these damage take time to deliver, so I was thinking stab and run (teleport / staff on switch) tactic.

Currently I am missing trang’s helm so I can not really try the bugs, but 4 items is quite good already. Just Borrow shako from bonemancer for now.

You probably right about the ar, I was just thinking the comfort of knowing “95% to hit baalâ€. May be we can have Zeal charged ring.

On common monster, I hope that skelly will do most of the job, with might merc may be, and the mancer just spam nova to speed things up.

I think until Bizz fix the marrow walk “feature†Bone Amour will continue to benefit form it.

I been just reading the unique page, fresh ripper is indeed good, 50 % OW can be quite in par with malice if I zeal it, but it is comforting to know that malice get 100% OW. Think of this on a PVP char, not only poison dagger, but also OW. Most victim will cry their heart out.

I think in the future if I ever get hold of bamble or enigma, I would think about using it. But for now, 4 trangs are pretty good.


Somone mentioned an attack speed and blocking bug with full trang's but I haven't tested this and form the little playing I've done in full Trang's, you should do just fine, come to think of it...

Stab and run is good, especially with merc and skeles...I do now see the benefit of a guaranteed Open wounds.

Good theme, too, this be. Lower resist as well?


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LR for sure.

I think I would go for 1 point or two in dagger and then pump up SK SM to level 15 or so before starting NM. after that it will be major pumping onto PN and PE PD till level 15 each, then level 19 the SW SM, 1 in Golem Mas and 1 in Summon resist before perfecting the Poison tree.

partial Trangs give + 2 to all skill only, so there will be 9 skelly in total.

with 1 point in CG and 1 in BA, there are 8 points left, which goes to all curses except attract and confuse.

I was thinking a positioned terror and PE would be quite a thing to do.


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I have furthered my daggermancer these few days, he is now level 25, I realise this build have the capacity of being bowa/melee/dagger/poison/skelly/trangsfire-mancer mix.

check out the mod of attack, you can:

melee with whatever you get for weapon using the AR from angelic set and poison dagger bonus. as long as you can use it you shall hit. at low level try out clagclaw set, very very cool with Life tap.

melee with Poison malice dagger, 100% OW and synergied poison damage bonus. dont forget to Lower resistance first.

Bowa with whatever bow you want to try out, strength is you limit here. or have a slot for what ever you want to try out, have rib cracker or lightsabre, just have fun with the second weapon. Think of Beast!!!

Poison Nova / explosion like a poison mancer. I heard you can make like 7-8k damage easy.

Trang fire, have not try it fully yet, but fireball and metor synergy so when you have 4 pieces you should do rather well.

Skellimancer, dont you just love skelly in 1.10?

Down side

althought this is not as streched as boner with summon, there are still some down side,

1 we are banking on the Dagger AR bonus and Marrow walk bug foreverly exist.
2 whrere are the mages and revives?

gear Inflexible. No mf then.

3 for fire to work, you have to use trang which is expensive and annoyingly inaccessable.

4 for Bone armour to work you have to rely on Marrow walk.

without these items, one get rendered a lay poison skelly mancer.