scd- day 3


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scd- day 3

Ok, so i'm slow, didn't get around to it last night, but quitcherwhinin.

The crew flew through arcane, the canyon, and into tal's tomb. House was cleaned, clocks were cleaned, and those ugly beetles were squashed and swept into the trash can. A bit of fire-power (literally) from Kelicc's sorc, plus it was a rather windy day (go go Skunkwind), and nothing even came close to my pansy palidin hiding behind the big barb in front. Unfortunately Gramps took a tumble- he ran off without his walker, ahead of the team as usual, and smack into a spectral hitting nasty who took half his life in one hit, and the other half in a second hit. And so our poison daggar necro bit the dust. After some consultation, it was decided that Dahkar could rejoin the group, under the condition that he played a wearbear (too slow to run too far ahead, and enough life that he'll be ok when he forgets to pot :D ). But have no fear, even without the stabbing wounds of Grampa, the group rolled into Tal's tomb with a swagger seldom seen in groups this old.

A narrow line of spit dribbled down Duri's chin, caused by the extreme salivation which occurred every time he was expecting company. "Hmm, maybe there will be a young one this time *slurp*. A young, juicy explorer to *slurp* pick my teeth with," the evil demon thought. Just then Duri heard, no sensed, the familiar clanking as staff met pedestal. "MMMMM..." he grumbled in anticipation as the wall came tumbling down. "Fresh meat!"

Much to his surprise, first bounding through the newly-formed opening was a giant beast of a man, streaming gray hair and shouting at the top of his lungs, his wrinkled hands clutching a large sword and shield, his chain-mail red with gems and monster-blood. Next a grizzled old woman, sparks and fireballs flying. Faster and faster they came, each adventurer older and more grizzled than the last. Just as Duri strode forward with the first charge, targeting the wrinkled giant, he was stopped in his tracks by a powerful gust of wind. Rapidly the adventurers formed up as a team, and Duri stood no longer.

Needless to say, a couple statics, fireballs, stinging elemental traps, and barbaric smackdowns later, Duri was quickly taken care of. I (the pali) didn't even make it into the chamber (lag was acting up... i was soon dropped) before he was disposed of.

We continued on into act 3, where we picked up this gross eyeball, and found the first 3 wps before calling it a night. Again, I had a great night- it was a highly enjoyable evening. Everyone is around lvl 24 with the exception of Dahkar's new bear. Hopefully next week we'll clear Kurast out, and take down Meph in similar fashion... so join us next week- same bat time, same bat channel.



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Well, if anyone but Dahkar thouhgt he was going to last long with his tactics was surly mistaken! I saw his deeds coming from the beginning! Oh well he went down in a fearless manner and early enuff to catch up, lesson learned!

Our team although not all classes should be a pretty sick combo adding a Bear with HoW to an Elemntalist with Oak! Skelies rock but they do impose lag for some and I beleive we have a couple of people that just couldnt continue wiht a skellymancer so I didnt suggest it.

ATM I beleive we are like this:

Sorc not sure of skills

I think Dahkars death will allow him to rebuild and continue his "lead the pack ways" only this time give him a chance to live! Characters that get 1.5 life per vita point just dont belong in melee untwinked!


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lol... yep, the only real surprise was that Grandpa didn't bite it sooner :jig: But the hell-bent-for-leather daggermancer approach was sure good for giggles, if nothing else, so well worth it for that reason alone!

But um, yeah, let's go a little safer with the new bear, eh Dahkar? :D

Meph might be ambitious for next week, but we can try... still gotta find a couple more gooey body parts, first...

Oh, and could everybody watch out for a set of faster run/walk boots for me? I need 'em bad ;)

See ya then!


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Yes, early on I figured that it was only a matter of time for the fearless necro. I tried to tell him a few times to wait for everyone else but, alas, he must have had his hearing aid turned off.

I had to leave a little early because my daughter was sick and needed to be tended to. So, you guys got the Flayer Jungle waypoint? Did you do the Gidbinn and/or Flayer Dungeon yet?


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Found Gidbin first and since there wasnt a lot of time I suggested getting WP insted of hitting the dungeon. i love Act 3 but I cant stand having to try and find Flayer WP more than once per char per difficulty!

Personally since we have Flayer i see Meph going down Next time pretty easy as after that WP its just a matter of heading up once we get the Dungeon done!


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skunkbelly said:
Yeah, the more I think about it, I think you're right... Meph's goin' down :jig:
yeah, shouldn't be much of a problem, i wouldn't think. Depends on how long we spend in Kurast- it's fairly easy to bypass most of the area, assuming you have a little luck in finding the wps, but its usually good exp too, so....

but yeah, i would think meph will eat it next game