scd- day 2


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scd- day 2


"shet yer trap you old hag!"

And so another day arrived, and the rudely awakened members of the Senior Citizen's Division creaked and groaned on their way out of their tents. Only the energetic, spear toting javazon was awake and about. Poet, the fearless barbarian, grunted in her general direction "Was that you? It sounded like stuck gloom bat." Unperturbed, the happy-go-lucky Kenshin replied, "yes" and promptly left their world (Diablo's minions weakened). Poet straightened his tired limbs and felt the ugly bruise on his left calf where the fallen had smacked him yesterday. The newly resurected palidin, good as new, smiled knowingly from his seat at the fire: "they just don't heal as fast as they used to, eh?"

Poet grunted and reached for a piece of quill rat roasting on the fire. "Did you meet the newcomers yet? That little one must not be 18 summers strong."

"Quite the youngin. I bet she does not even remember the wars of Pong, when great lives were lost over the land of A-Tar-I, or when battles were fought without the powers of the new weapons, like Moni-Terse with its glowing power."

"You may be right, my old friend. Speaking of the young one and his old companion..."

Cooner turned to see Panders, the young sorceress, and Rath, the white-haired necromancer climb out of their tents. Both had arrived late the night before, new recruits to help fight the evils plauging the rogues. Suddenly Kenshin appeared in front of them, another quill rat on her spear (Diablo's minions grew stronger). "Breakfast is served!"

Panders withdrew in awe, shocked by the sudden appearance of the old woman with the wide grin that framed a mouth any hockey player would be proud of. "Woah," she muttered.

"Don't worry, young lass. She does this quite often." As fast as the barb could explain, she was gone again (Diablo's minions weakened). "Fear not- she will be back."

"Woah" muttered the young sorceress again.

Day 2 of the Senior Citizen's Division began without a hitch, 6 old members (minus Dahkar aka SCD-Gramps) and (eventually) one new one and an alternate:

SCD-Kenshin (Kenshin the javazon)
SCD-PoetsRage (WarriorPoet the conc barb)
SCD-Cooner (Cooner the veang/conv pali)
SCD-Kelicca (Kelicc the fire sorc)
SCD-Skunkwind (Skunkbelly the wind druid)
GGIMulage (Rath the summonmancer)
SCD-ofTeb (Stinger the trapassin)
VTCRoo (Panders the sorc- our alternate)

It seems the team is more or less fixed now, with 8 and an alternate. Builds are starting to get some of their main skills, as we're all around 21ish, and each character is definitely stronger (and we're getting much better as a team).

The night began with a quick romp through cat 2, 3, and on down to andy. She really didn't stand a chance with the druid, barb, and pali wailing on her, surrounded by a bunch of skellies, javs tossed by the boatload, and fire spewing everywhere from traps and fireballs. Needless to say, she was down and out faster than Gramps with a broken hip (sorry, that was tasteless :p )

Radi quickly followed, and the cube, staff, and ammie were acquired. Stinger's skill with the cube was demonstrated as he rolled a life leech ring and mana/energy ring and ammie for our barb and casters. Also, rares dropped at an amazing rate (though maybe they always drop that often and I'm just not used to seeing them hit the ground for longer than it takes to blink). The team's night ended with a quick stroll through the palace on the way to arcane. All and all a nice, enjoyable night with no deaths and only one instance of Poet embarassing himself with Gunsmoke references.

Other things of note- I started up a mule (which is currently chilling out in a game perming) for gems, runes, etc, so if people want to donate their stuff or get chippies or flaweds off it, let me know.

Also, I have space on a website to host screenshots to post for these threads. If anyone is skillful with the "printscreen" it might be cool to take some pictures and load them up for all to see. I would do it myself but I tend to forget. (err have senior moments...)


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All I ask is DONT SELL rings and ammys, if you dont wan tthem toss em in town and if they lay long enuff I will grab them all and cube them. If you wnat to do it go for it but I dont mind doing them all.

I suggest everyone keep thier eyes peeled for 2 sock armors and 3 sock helms/sheilds and stow them away as we will soon be able to make some Stealths, 3 diamond shileds, saph helms...etc

Dont walk past that EL, pick it up and we can cube those also remember it is only 15 million ELs for MY ZOD!

Currently Stinger has some Nephews visiting and one likes to play a little SC diablo so I am running with 1 puter. Once they split which I beleive is this weekend ill get an acct and mules going for us........God all I need is another acct!

For all you with large gold stashes dont hesitate to hit the Las Vegas Tables and gramble those belts/boots/glooves as they all have the potential for good resisits, leech, more. Remember, dont sell off anything gold or that has a high single resists, jsut bring it next time and lay it out there if nobody needs it sell it.

Try and gamble and shop sparingly during our 2 hour ordeal.

With Ugly we try and get a mule game up about 20-30 mins before game time and next week I shall try and do this........If we have 8 ppl ill jsut leave the mule in some game we all will know if not ill bring him in.


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Great advice Stinger...and another great write up Cooner! And I didn't think that Gunsmoke reference was embarrassing at just proved how much of a fossil I *really* am! :D

Cooner, I've taken a couple of screenshots that are interesting but not great. I'll try to capture one of us killing Duriel next game. ;) Of course, that is if I'm not punching juves as fast as I can.

Thanks for the game, all!


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nice write up enjoyed it emmensly ... and agreed with the keeping of everything i myself is a packrat from way back lol

eargerly waiting for next weeks session :)


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Nice write up, lol. Was a pleasure playing with you all last night, definately looking forward to next week. =)