Scary moments


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Scary moments

So we are (almost) into October, Halloween month, so time for some scary moments from those of you in the OTF!

What made me think of this was; on TV tonight was a drama called Afterlife. You can guess what its about! Anyway, I'd joked to the wife before now about our baby monitor: like most, it crackles & gets interference if it's left in certain positions. I'd said to her things along the lines of, 'Oh, I wonder if ghosts can speak to us through it?!' because I knew it would freak her out, & it did!
So what do you think tonights drama was about? You got it, a malevolent voice on the baby monitor! :hide:
And with my wife on the second night of her new bar job, & not getting home till 4am-ish, Im gonna have to go to sleep alone with that thing crackling interference at me! :undecided:
What makes it even worse is that in the drama, the voice wanted a baby 'coz it had somehow killed its own in life, & unlike most dramas where the heroes succeed, in this one the ghost actually managed to lock the dad out of the bathroom so the baby died in the bath. Not a pleasant ending.
Another scary moment that pops to mind was back when I was 15 or 16, playing Realms of the Haunting (great game, scary as hell, shame it was so unstable or I'd still play it) alone in the dark in my parents large, old & creaky house with my back to the door of the room. Lasted about 5 minutes before I had to turn about 3 different room lights on!

So what scary experiences have you guys had? Scary in a paranormal, halloween kinda way!
Nothing really great, but when I used to go to church we played a game called 'Sardines'. Basically, one person would hide somewhere in the church, and everyone would go find that person. Once found, the finder had to hide with the hidden person, hence 'sardines'. A church could be really creeping when it's pitch dark, especially when you know dead people have been next to the spot that you're hiding in.