Scamming the Scammer

Lord Chaos

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Scamming the Scammer

Ok, so I am sitting in a game with a mule (giving it its 2 hour time)...this is a private password protected game.

All of a sudden 2 guys join the game (TWO people guess the same password at the same time, I don't think so)...this is obviously a trick.

Immediatly when they see I am a mule, they start the classic "We are two strangers doing trade, lets lure the other in"...I don't fall for it.

Then he starts "I am here for the trade, the other won't come until later".

Ok I say, what was the trade for again?

Him: "He didn't have time to say"
Me: "Oh yeah, now I remember, it was an UM'ed Guardian Angel"
Him: "Yeah, that was it, he told me about you wanting that very badly" (First complete sign of scam, first off, I have not traded on Non-Ladder like this, ever...secondly, I would never have given out my private password...thirdly, I just pulled the item name out of my ***.
Me: Do you have it with you?
Him: No, what are you trading?
Me: *shows him my mules large collection of skillers"
Him: "Wow, nice...let me have the skillers and he will come in with the armor"
Me: "Hmmmm, I don't trust you, give me an item to show you're sincere, then I will give you the charms.

Long debate about it insues, where he shows me various things, wanting to trade directly the end, he gets tired of it, and so desperate to get the skillers that he throws a Corpsemourn on the ground...I grab it and pull the plug on my network connection.

Hehehehe, no skillers for you today little a Courpsemourn is crap, but to me its now kinda like a little trophy


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lol good work. Even though it was a corpsemourn, you still scammed a scammer. One time back in 1.09, someone tried to do the body popping scam. Anyone who claimed thqat they could create hexes out of quivers of arrows was obviously a scam. He basically told me to let him kill me. Then pick up an arrow, and then let him kill me again and a hex would appear in my inventory. I've never had this happen to me, but I figured that it was a scam. So I said "give me an item so I know I can trust you". He drops a titans but I keep pressuring him for more items, he kept giving me other useless items afterwards, stuff he obviously brought from the vendors claiming that it was his "best" stuff when you can obviously tell he was using a a vamp gaze. So finally he realized that I had turned the tables on him and he said "You better give me back my items because they're bugged and then I'll steal your account hahahahaha". If the items were bugged why would he tell me? That was probably the most desperate response I've ever heard. Scamming innocent people is wrong, but I guess it's ok to scam a scammer because you can give them a taste of their own medicine.


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On this topic.. a game just came up in my list called "Scaming Here" (yeah, one 'M' heh). I'm half tempted to go in just to see what scam they're running.

"They used this one in The Sting 2, so nooooooobody knows about it!"

Chief JB

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Yes, it's the satisfaction of knowing that you slapped the scammer in the face and beat him at his own game.


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he also said he was breaking in his mule for 2 hours, so he wasent losing any valuable time...

Lord Chaos

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What gets me though is that he somehow guessed my password...while it isn't a hard one...the combo of gamename/pass should be pretty damn hard to hit by accident.



I usually use 1 word followed by 2 numbers for a name, then a diff word for a pass. However rare, it rules out people just guessing it.
eg. ice44 // cream