Well someone (account is *goku_papa he plays on USWest) offered me a PUL rune for a norm rush. I should've been more suspicious but I figured, "'s a norm rush it shouldn't take that long." so I did it. during the rush he did some stupid things which should've tipped me off that he hasn't even seen a PUL rune before, much less have one. But, I kept thinking, "Well I've rushed him most of the way anyways, so why not take the 2 minutes to finish it and hope he does have something good".

Anyways right before we killed diablo I demanded he show me the PUL rune. He said he won't cuz he was scammed before. He then said he made a mistake and instead said he'd give me an adlur's armor instead. He also said he wanted norm Diablo's drops. I was very suspicious at that point but since killing D takes 5 seconds I did it. I grabbed all the good loot from Diablo (a goldwrap) without him noticing just in case he's a scammer. and lo and behold, he claims he is lagging, and tells me to go to a different game and then leaves!

I expected that at that point. He also squelched me. So, I logged on with other accounts and started spamming him to piss him off. He squelched them,a nd I log on with more accounts, only to discover that Bnet now has an anti-spamming tool (god damn you bnet :D ) and kicked me off so now I'm here telling you my experience. Well...all in all it wasn't bad. I gained experience in how to rush people, and I effectively agreed to do a norm rush for a GoldWrap. I consider that a fair trade. I'll keep spamming him now and then tho just to piss him off :lol:


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you spammer.

just be more picky about rushes. everyone has been scammed before....make sure you get the larger end of the stick.


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it was sooo funny 1 time in 09 i full rushed some guy for an unid skullders (demanding he pay at just before nm diablo, as always) anyway we got to diablo, activated the seals and his friend joined the game - obviously intending to finish the rush so i didnt get payed. But *sigh* life is hard when you
A) cant kill diablo anyway
B) Have my lvl 97 Rushazon killing you every time u spawn

so his friend left lol. anyway i demanded he pay (not intending to finish the rush as i hate scammers) and he said no. i hostiled him and killed him, and for some reason he dropped the skullders (he must have had it selected or something) so anyway i picked it up, said thanks and left :)

If anyone thinks this is unfair then you obviously have never been scammed when rushing.

As a side note i made most of my wealth from rushing in 09, i did it with my friend and we split 50/50. We were both legit and super quick, it was great! when we got payed we got payed loads, which made up for getting scammed quite a few times. Sadly now i've been made redundant by patch 1.10 :(

ah well MFing it is :teeth:


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In 1.09 I would rush people for the fun of it. Yea they would offer me something but I knew they would pay. After what ever point they would just leave. One time a guy actually pay me up front, an 1.08 shako. I couldn't believe it and I had to rush this guy seeing how nice and trustworthy he was. But then again, I have scammed some people before. I'll say "Norm-Hell rush and ill pay after norm". Then, leave after norm. You keep doing this until Hell meph, which u find a game/nice person who will kill for you. It like getting 1/2 of however far you need to go again and again and its easy to find someone to do it.


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TriggerHappy said:
But then again, I have scammed some people before. I'll say "Norm-Hell rush and ill pay after norm". Then, leave after norm. You keep doing this until Hell meph, which u find a game/nice person who will kill for you. .
Sorry to say this.. but it is good to hear that you are quiting (IIRC).

But then again, I'm against rushing for payment anyways so wth. (This is a big cause for scamming, as anyone can see).

Just be patient and join a group that do quests.. sooner or later one of the players will probably become a rusher so there ya go. I'd rush him/her back if we can't finish the bosses by ourselves.


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I only rush friends.

I reserve the right to get scammed only in the trade channels :surprise:


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back in 09 i had the easiest way of getting rushed past hell meph. of course now they make you do council, so that complicates matters...

I would spam: "need rush past hell meph, you get what meph drops" within a few minutes someone would msg me willing to do it since all it was was a 2 player meph run!