Scammed Hard and feeling....


Scammed Hard and feeling....


Ok i was trying to get a eth zerker for my legit Vex and Zod and this guy comes in my game saying he only has a already botd eth zerker with 179% ed and 14 ll. So i start to think hmm i always have bad luck with automods so ill offer my vex + zod + gul + tal armor + tal amu for it and he say's "wait a seccond plz :)" so im thinking hmmm is he going to do a tradeswitch or so? Hehe paranoid me... Anyway after a min or so he say's "Damn i need room friend comes" so we wait some secs and indeed a friend comes te make contact and he comes to me again. He put's the Zerker on the screen and i check indeed it is the ETH botd Zerker... so i start pumping the runes and tal items on the trade screen. After im finished i check again and indeed it is the ETH botd but to make sure i check the %ed and ll and indeed its the same Eth Botd so ask him "So we gonna trade it?" he say's "Yep its ok like this" and i check one more time (was very cautions since i spended wekks getting the runes and offered my last good items for it) and i finally pressed "V". Then as i click i immediately dropped out of the screen to the normal view so i thought he still needed more space so i check my inventory for the runes and i see a botd zerker.
I check again its a NON-ETH ZERKER..... OMG has max damage of 340^^

So its even sucky compared to a scheaffer :(
And my sorc hasnt got a tal gear anymore, i got no descent charge weapon and have absolutely noway of getting a botd eth zerker anymore since this was a one time shot for me only.

Sure maybe for dupers and botters its easy to say bad luck better of next time but i fell quite !&$%ed and have no change of building my new charger now and must honestly say after seeing my vex and zod get wasted into a sucky non-eth zerker i realy want to break this !&$%ing games CD....

Flame and laugh ahead^^
That sucks dude, at least you got something out of it though. i'm surprised the idiot didn't just switch out for an eth war axe or osme crap...


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Where does he live? I'll go break his neck!! :) May I ask where you found your Zod.


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now I am scared to do any trade with someone from a chan.

I was just gonna sell my perfect mara for a jah, I made the game but he didn't open the trade window 3 times.

hehe I just left.


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i got done by this hack except i lost ALOT more and got ALOT less.

i was trading loads of stuff (includinga non eth 390% / 15% bod cb, 37/15 ias jewel, eth botd ogre maul and some more stuff) and i was trading for an eth botd cb. i was pretty annoyed but i got back into the game again and now i got a good set of gear again.

sorry to hear bout your loss tho


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always sucks to get scammed. When i was first starting out i got scammed royally. I was lucky enough to get 3 sojs for an occulus i had grabbed in a free stuff game (this is when sojs were still currency). I had 4 sojs after that trade. i saw a game called "3 cruels for an soj" so the guy puts up a 287% ccb a cruel phase and a cruel myth. we trade.

At this point i felt i had enough wealth to upgrade my zons bow to eaglehorn. So i go into a game and well the guy switched it for a cliffkiller...

i know it doesnt sound like much, but it prevented me from getting an eagle for months! and i was dirt poor then

Lord Chaos

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Ok, he just started out just saying eth zerker.

Sorry you got scammed, that really sucks...thats one of the reasons I stay away from trades.
heh.. a 0 or 6 socket eth zerker goes on us east ladder for 2 sojs ez, any eth botd'd zerker goes for 3 and up depending on %..

anyway.. yea sorry for what happened to ya.


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yea i stay awway from trades too i havent gotten scammed very bad but my freinds have and that was enough for me to stop
that sucks man
all hackers should be shot...or atleast get their accounts frozen
whatever works :D


Thnx for the reply's :)

And indeed im glad a atleast got a botd wich btw works better on my zealer then a scheaffer so it has its use but still....^^


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Sometimes I look at all the stuff I pile up and the stuff I throw away, and I think if I were willing to trade with people I'd end up with just about everything and really have something to show for my time. Then I read something like this and I say the hell with it. I don't trade. I doubt I'll ever have the best stuff but what I got is legit and I don't have to worry about losing it.


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I got scammed with the "friend coming through the harem" scam yesterday. I was going to give away the Gheeds I got scammed for anyway, so it doesn't matter, but they guy had an ik armor so it got to my head. (silly me) ~Adam


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I was scammed using this or a similar technique. Luckily I didn't really lose much. I had just gotten into ladder and found an Andariel's Visage. Well being new to ladder I thought this was a big find! So i went to a game "SS here" or something along those lines, because I needed an SS for whatever reason at the time. Well he shows the SS, which was UM'd. I show my Andy helm and he agrees. I checked the SS one last time, still there, click the check. I say TY and leave the game. I goto an xfer game where a friend would help me xfer and I check my inventory and low and behold, it's a STEELCLASH. Thankfully it wasn't much of a loss, but I still was scammed nonetheless. :mad: