Sazabi's set good for anything?


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Sazabi's set good for anything?

I recently obtained this full set through a trade but couldn't think of anything to really use it on.

Are there any hc builds this set is viable for, or is it just trash?


I use the set on my lvl 81 barb along with some other gear that gives crushing blow stats and enhanced damage to demons (over 700%) to take down the diablo clone. Not bad actually.


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It's decent to use

On a doubleswing or frenzy babas.

Stick a cryptic crescent moon in the other hand, load with some Lightning damage charms, and he'll surprise you for the rate of killing he can achieve.

Oh, nothing godly like sorks and non-melee at But fast enough for a baba.


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What's the rarest part of this set? Is it the sword or the armor? I had thought it was the sword, and I got one just yesterday in WS3. I was like "whoopie!" but I wasn't sure if I'd actually end up using it or not.


Its a fun set to just play on a 'less overpowered' character. But then I guess not many people grunt the game out and actually play it for fun :xirish:


I would say, just make a pala for it for kicks, with some nice Rhyme pala shield and some crappy gear, not much lost when you die and loads of fun.


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i have an armor on my mule on Europe ladder zappafan if you are interested ;)

killed pindle, and when i killed him i had forgot to switch to mf weapons, (that doesnt happend often) and dang.... set balrog skin :)

well *blntaimar2 if you play there and want it


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I think the sword is highest TC...I cant recall Mep to drop anything but the helm and armor (armor is his/its) highest tc.

The set is not bad, but with a set up of uniques you get a better build, but its used to work for frenzier and zealot, now melee is much harder, but with enough sharp charms it could work. And of course Barb mercs would benefit from this set. Too bad they didnt boost this set along with heavens brethern when they made the changes.